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A Helix project is known as a Collection, a 'document' created by Helix RADE (which stands for 'Rapid Application Development Environment'). It is represented in the system by a sort of 'pseudo-desktop' similar to the Macintosh Finder. A collection may contain thousands of individual databases (also known as relations or tables). What does RADE stand for? List of 7 RADE definitions. Top RADE abbreviation meanings updated January 2021. Line 6 Helix Helix is an editor, preset librarian and IR manager application for Helix. DOWNLOAD; Native POP3 Connector It is widely known that Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 doesn't support. DOWNLOAD; Native Instruments Kontour Native Instruments Kontour is an innovative phase modulation synthesizer with. $99 DOWNLOAD; Native Instruments Polyplex Native Instruments Polyplex is an. The Secrets of Personal Productivity (They Really Aren't Secrets) Lead Meetings that People Want to Attend. How Do Teams Make Good Decisions. The bones of the low back bear the entire weight of the spine, so let’s make sure they’re aligned and happy. Humans are meant to have a natural curve in the.

Helix Rade Manual


Our fully web-based applications are deployed using the Apache Tomcat (JSP) engine which runs on all major platforms, making your data available through any web browser with complete SSL security if desired. We work with you on an individual basis to insure development of a complete custom Information Management System that serves all of your needs.

HelixHelix RADE

Helix Rade Manual

Our OSX applications are created using the Helix RADE (Rapid Application Development Environment) Software Toolbox -- these applications are deployed in a proprietary mode using the Helix Client/Server model, and can also made available to Web Browsers for access on other platforms. We have a library of pre-designed modules that can easily be configured to fit most business needs..
Our latest addition to our Software Development Portfolio is Wordpress -- once only known as a basis for creating Blogs, it has expanded its footprint exponentially! It now supports more than 6,000 plugins and several thousand pre-configured 'themes' that allows us to create websites for you that range from e-commercee solutions to multi-media showcases -- all for much lower cost than conventional methods of web development. Once we meet with you, and can assess your needs, we will try to assess if Wordpress will fulfill your expectations for a web-based solution.


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I often (if not always) get this and in my case the import text that is wrong usually includes quotemarks or currency signs, so that might be worth investigating
> On 22 Nov 2017, at 12:20, D. Wheeler <[email protected]> wrote:
> I am a “lay” user of Helix Rade for several databases. I currently have two databases that I want to merge into a single, modified database. This entails exporting data from each of the existing databases into the new database. In the new database I created a template identical to the that in the database from which I want to export data into the new database. That is, each field, is identical is terms of type, text or flag. I then selected the View icon used to enter data in the old database and exported those records. The export was in the form of a text file. I then selected the View icon in the new database and selected import and the text file. At that point I get the error message, “Entry incompatible with field type”. I am stumped at this point. Any help will be appreciated.
> Running 7.0.3 on a Macbook Pro with OS 10.10.5
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