Growly Spite And Malice

17136910 Selected Letters of Friedrich Nietzsche - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. Spite & Malice, also known as Cat & Mouse, is a very old card game. It is a form of competitive solitaire (patience). Spite and Malice can be played against Spite (resident computer opponent) or against a human opponent through the Internet. The present Multiple Personality Edition lets you play Spite & Malice against 1, 2 or 3 computer opponents.

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  1. Rewind by A_Non_ymousWriter

    Fandoms:Minecraft (Video Game), Dream SMP - Fandom

    20 Apr 2021


    'Let's start making it happen.' As soon as those words fell out of Schlatt's mouth, a bright light nearly blinded everyone as well as the sound of a portal's unnatural hum.

    When the light died down and everyone got their vision back, a portal, structured like a Nether Portal but built out of metal and stone, glowing silver, stood right between and before the stage and the audience. They were stunned as a figure came out of said portal, tall, decked out in full enchanted netherite. A man with a familiar mask but unfamiliar clothes stood.

    'Where's Dream?' The man with the red hood, wearing Dream's mask immediately asked.

    Before anyone could even react or answer, the portal behind him flared brightly and the man jumped away with an annoyed grunt as another man decked in netherite tumbled out of the silver glowing portal. Wild dark hair, dark blue eyes, burnt scars underneath his chin-

    'Tubbo?' Tommy muttered in surprise, somehow recognizing him as his best friend.

    'Tommy!' The older Tubbo screamed, but not at Tommy who stood beside Wilbur. But at the masked man with the red hood.

    Two broken men stay in the past in hopes of a better future. Will they succeed?

    • Part 1 of Non's Written Works

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