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What else could 'Find paths on a grid' represent? Trap platform: Let's say you're making a set of trapdoors 4 × 6, with only 1 real path through (the others drop you into a volcano). What are the chances someone randomly walks through? With a 4×6 it's 210, as before. With a 12×12 grid it's 24!/12!12! = 2.7 million paths, with only 1 correct one.

  • Grid object or null if the operation failed. If the image represents a visualization proxy for grid, than the grid datasource will be opened, otherwise the datasource of image itself. New API 4.9.1: Added in.
  • Known issues with NVIDIA GRID™ software and hardware on Microsoft Windows Server. The most current version of the documentation for this release of NVIDIA GRID Software can be found online at GRID 4.9 Software Documentation. This release includes the following software: ‣ NVIDIA Windows drivers for vGPU version 370.39.


Grid Gallery – Image, Photo Slider Grid, Google Type Grid

There are dozens of “Grid Gallery” out there, but the problem is that they always work the same!

Grid Gallery uses a brand new algorithm to make much more interesting image grids, how does it work?

The main concept is very simple: it doesn’t have any lightbox, because in grid gallery images open without lightbox like a slider, it means it’s working like a slider but it looks like a gallery.

You can create photo gallery with classical square grid layout.

Grid Gallery is the best for any site who showing their images like a gallery and slider combine.

Nighttime daytime bird. Grid gallery is based on Irresistible CSS & JS, So it is very amazing, responsive and easy to use.

The “Grid Gallery ” is fully responsive and it adapts to the browser using a nice and smooth animation, even on mobile devices because it can use the hardware acceleration taking advantage of CSS3 properties.

You can create unlimited photo galleries in seconds with grid gallery plugin.

Gallery plugin with easy interface and very attractive hover animation effects.

Gallery have simple clean interface, quick and simple image gallery settings configuration.

Gallery support advanced eye catching hover text animation, It fully responsive it is support all mobile touch screen devices in photo gallery.

Grid Gallery – an awesome plugin for your blog, This plugin is allow users to view larger images, designer slide shows, Easing Effects and responsive photo gallery columns layout

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Demo Pro Version

Get Premium Version With More Features

  • Responsive Gallery
  • Link Gallery
  • Description Gallery
  • Image Uploader
  • Image Title
  • Shortcodes
  • Multiple Column Layouts
  • Animation Easing Effect
  • Animation Speed
  • Hover Effects
  • Transition Effects
  • Auto Scroll
  • Navigation Buttons Position
  • Title On Image Preview
  • Description On Image Preview
  • Title Settings
  • Color Picker
  • Title & Description Settings
  • Thumbnail
  • Thumbnail Border Settings
  • Hide Image Spacing
  • Custom CSS
  • Photo Gallery in Post
  • Photo Gallery in Page
  • SEO Friendly Gallery
  • Thumbnail Size & Quality Setting
  • Navigation Error in Light Box Preview
  • Gallery Images Order Setting Like Ascending, Descending & Shuffle
  • Simple & User-Friendly Custom Plugin Dashboard
  • Create Unlimited Galleries With Unlimited Images
  • Easy To Implement Anywhere Into WordPress
  • Easily Customization
  • Fast, Friendly & Quality Support


Install New Grid Gallery either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.

After activating Grid Gallery plugin, go to plugin menu.

Create new gallery, configure settings and save.

Copy gallery shortcode and publish on page / post.

That’s it. You’re ready to go!


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Grids 4.9
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Grid 4.0

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Grid 4.3.4 Wow

This app looks great. Clean, simple to use. I like to put my images in a grid so it will work perfectly