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Dec 21, 2020 • Filed to: Solve Mac Problems • Proven solutions

There are a number of Mac data recovery software options available, find out which data recovery app can recover the lost or deleted files on your Mac hard drive, SSD, or external storage device. Don’t look elsewhere for data recovery software if you’re a Mac user. This software offers data recovery from all Mac devices, loss scenarios, make & model of storage drive, file types & formats, file system, and macOS versions. It works with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, & other models. The professional data recovery software for Mac can recover deleted files even if they have been permanently removed or emptied from Trash or Bin. Avoid overwriting of deleted files on Mac, launch Stellar software to allow scanning of your start-up disk and recover the deleted Mac files to a.

How do I recover files on my MacBook Pro?

Hi everyone, my MacBook Pro (17') powered off all of a sudden some hours ago. When I rebooted it I realized all of my 15 GB folders and files that stored in my MacBook Pro hard drive were lost. I did not have a backup too. These files are very valuable to me. Is there any way to recover data from MacBook Pro? I will appreciate it very much if any of you can tell me how. Best regards.

You are wondering how to recover data that has already lost from your MacBook Pro. I’ll show you a simple solution here since you do not have any backup of the lost data. The truth of the data loss issue is that your lost files have not removed by the system immediately. They are just inaccessible on your Macbook pro until new files overwrite the space they occupied.

This means your deleted files are still there and you can easily retrieve them with MacBook Pro data recovery software. A safe and easy-to-use tool performs MacBook Pro data recovery effectively and efficiently. Read on and get the most reliable solution.

Part 1 How to Recover Data from MacBook Pro Hard Drive

How do I recover deleted files from my Mac hard drive?

1. The Best MacBook Pro Data Recovery Software

When it comes to the best software to recover deleted files from Mac, we recommend Recoverit Mac Data Recovery. It can recover data from your MacBook Pro, including videos, images, audio files, emails, document files, etc. This tool will simply scan your MacBook Pro volume and retrieve all lost, formatted, deleted and corrupted files from it. By the way, it provides the read-only mode and keeps your data private and safe all the time.

2. Video Tutorial on MacBook Pro Data Recovery

The video tutorial is a simple introduction about Recoverit Data Recovery and also how to use it for recovering lost data on Mac or Windows.

3. Text Guide to MacBook Data Recovery in 3 Steps

MacBook Pro data recovery can be a very simple and effective process if you have a reliable tool to help you. Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac is the one. Free download it and follow the steps to recover deleted files from MacBook Pro hard drive within 3 minutes.

  1. Select a location

Green Mac Data Recovery Program

To recover deleted, formatted or lost data from your MacBook Pro hard drive, select the hard drive where you want to retrieve files. Duplicate apps. Click 'Start' to move on.

  1. Scanning the hard drive

The MacBook recovery software will launch a thorough scan on the selected hard drive. During the scan, you can scroll down or click the sidebar to find your files.

  1. Preview and recover files on MacBook Pro

After the scan, you can preview and select the files you want to retrieve from MacBook Pro hard drive. Click 'Recover' and get data back.

Please save the recovered MacBook Pro hard drive data into another location, for example, external hard drive or a different partition. That's to avoid the recovered data being overwritten and lost once again.

Part 2 How to Recover Data from a Crashed MacBook Pro

We have seen many MacBook Pro data loss cases that are caused by device crash or hard drive failure. There are also solutions to it. The first solution is to start MacBook Pro up in Target Disk Mode. Turn on the MacBook Pro computer and go to 'Apple Menu' > 'System Preferences' > 'Startup Disk' > 'Target Disk Mode'. Click it and then 'Restart' after you confirm the operation.

You can also come to an official service center to get your MacBook Pro fixed. Before that, you can pull your MacBook Pro SSD out, put it in an external enclosure, and connect it with another Mac for disk repair. If it was nicely connected with that Mac, the data will be read. But if no data was read, you can also try Recoverit on that Mac to recover data from Mac hard drive too.

Tips for MacBook Data Recovery

To retrieve deleted files from MacBook Pro or Air smoothly, it is better to know a few simple tips beforehand.

  1. Stop writing new data on the MacBook where you just lost or deleted files. MacBook data recovery can be possible because the files you lost or deleted were still there as long as you did not overwrite the area.
  2. When using and installing a Mac hard drive program, please do not put it on the same hard drive where you want to perform MacBook Pro data recovery.
  3. After recovering data from Mac hard drive, you have better save them in a different hard drive or device, and also do instant backups of them to different locations.

Closing Words

So far, you are probably aware of what a Mac hard drive recovery program can do for you. Yes, as you think, a reliable data recovery tool like Recoverit for Mac is conducive to recovering lost data from any storage device without much effort and hassle. Free download and try it now.


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