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Glyphs Mini

Hello again, this quick tutorial is a big improvement over my previous one! As long as you have a Mac (sorry), you'll be making letters in no time. To create our icon font we are going to be using Glyphs Mini. Client base. Before we start using the program, I want to give you a brief introduction to it and show you where you can find it.

Did you know there are glyphs that are programmed to transmit healing energy to you? Choose the appropriate glyph to help alleviate issues ranging from viruses and headaches through grief and fear to world peace. Easy to use and very powerful!

What are glyphs?


Glyphs, also known as ‘sacred symbols’, are images that have been powered, or ‘programmed’ to transmit Divine energy for a particular healing purpose. I use Dr Jean Logan’s glyphs, though there are others, and you can even create your own!

What can glyphs help?

Pretty much anything! Jean Logan has ‘downloaded’ and developed over a hundred Sacred Symbols so far (with more on the way in her forthcoming fourth book), addressing a wide range of issues and conditions.

Jean recommends starting with the glyphs for emotional issues that often underlie physical symptoms, eg lack of trust, tension & anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, grief, guilt, lack of confidence.

She has developed glyphs for many physical conditions eg clearing chakras, balancing meridians, stomach, heart, eyesight, detox, nervous system, brain function etc

As soon as I have the slightest indication of a cough / cold / sore throat I tape the Anti-bacterial & Virus glyph to a T-shirt over my solar plexus, and the symptoms disappear overnight!

After cutting my thumb quite deeply I taped the Cellular Repair Glyph round it for a few days, and it healed quickly without a scar.

Further areas glyphs can address vary from abundance through soul rescue and opening consciousness to world peace.

Pets are very receptive to glyphs as they don’t have emotional blockages!

How are glyphs created?

When Jean Logan is inspired to create a glyph she ‘receives’ an image, programme and affirmation from Source. After drawing the glyph and writing it up, it is consecrated in the presence of highly evolved spiritual beings at her chapel in North Carolina. Then it’s ready to use, and Jean tests each glyph before including it in one of her books.

Glyphs for prevention

You can use glyphs in a preventative way, for example the Malignancy Glyph to prevent breast or prostate cancer, the Heart glyph to prevent a heart attack.

Glyph protocols for complex issues

Jean has been developing protocols for particular conditions that benefit from several glyphs used on different parts of the body. Her forthcoming fourth book will include a number of protocols including ones for Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Seizures

Glyphs are conscious and programmable

Each glyph is programmed to enable specific things. If you feel there’s something more specific or extra that you would like the it to do, ask the glyph to meet your intention.

Glyphs Mini

How do you use glyphs?

Free Fonts With Tails


Simply select the appropriate glyph, activate by saying its affirmation, then place it appropriately, and trust the process.

Select: if you have a headache the Headache glyph is the obvious choice, perhaps augmented with the Trust glyph or other underlying issues. If you’re not sure which glyph you need, you can dowse, muscle test, or simply think about your issue and intuitively select 1-3 cards from the book or the Sacred Symbols Healing cards deck (details below).

Activate: say the suggested affirmation related to the glyph. For example, the affirmation for the Trust glyph is:

I release all desire to control the outcome of any situation.

I realise there is a Divine Plan of which I am a part.

I place my trust in the Creator.

Place: this is where you get creative! You can place the glyph on your body – taped onto your clothing, in your sock, in a pocket. Or put it under your pillow.Or, if you need to use it for a while print it onto a T-shirt. Or hold your palms facing the Sacred Symbol image on your computer or phone to receive the healing energy for a few minutes. I have a group of Sacred Symbols I’m using to enhance my eyesight set as the wallpaper on my smartphone, so I see them frequently. You’ll find a way that works for you!

You may feel energy shifting, or not, either way so long as you’re open and receptive the glyph will be at work.

With May’s help

If you would like me to help you use glyphs to address your issue, we can select and activate them together in a Delicious Healing Session. This can be in person in Central Scotland, or from anywhere in the world using FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.


Glyphs books on Special Offer till 8 Dec

Jean Logan’s glyphs are readily available through her three books (a fourth is on its way), and her card deck ‘Sacred Symbols Healing cards’.

A good start is the Cards which bring together 72 Sacred Symbols selected from the three books.

For more in-depth information about the origins of the glyphs and how to use them you need at least one of the books. The book to start with is Book 1 Unlocking the Power of Glyphs because it includes glyphs to resolve emotional blocks such as Fear and others to balance chakras and meridians to clear the way for other glyphs to work well.

The books are available in both print and digital formats. The print version includes pages of each glyph which you can cut out to use. The digital version, only available from Jean Logan, enables you to print the glyphs yourself.

Available from:

Or try your local Amazon site!


Jean Logan’s website

Jean Logan’s YouTube channel

Jean Logan’s Facebook page

Proceeds from Jean Logan’s resources go to support her charity Holy Ground Assistance Program for Children charities which provide shelter, food and schooling for children in Nepal and supports an orphanage in Peru.