Read the full changelog Librarian Pro is a straightforward application that allows users to create a nifty database for storing books, movies, music collections, video games and software items. Librarian Pro 6 Version 6.0.7 It is difficult to sort through all of your books, movies, music, and so forth to see which ones you have on file, or to find where you last shelved a particular one. Librarian Pro is a complete personal inventory system! Librarian Pro is a great program to keep updated lists of your favorite items and always be aware of who's borrowed what from you. New Feature: Can now 'sort' the borrows list alphabetically. Librarian Pro is an user friendly Mac app that can handle cataloguing different types of media. For your convenience, Librarian Pro scans your Mac to find other available media libraries,. Librarian pronounce. Librarian Pro brings sophistication and class to managing your collection! Browse all of your items at a glance on a virtual bookshelf, in a list, or in cover flow. Item artwork and information is.

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GarageBuy is freeware - use it for free and let the bidding begin. GarageBuy provides an easy way to search on eBay. Finally, an application that looks the way it should (using the Mac's native interface). September 30, 2020 By iwascoding Kilimall - Affordable Online Shopping in Kenya. Kilimall is an affordable online shopping app, which makes your shopping in Kenya efficiently and gives you a. GarageBuy provides an easy way to search on eBay. Finally, an application that looks the way it should (using the Mac's native interface) to help you find and purchase items on eBay. GarageBuy is the first Mac desktop application officially certified by eBay for bidding and it supports 'Place Bids and Purchase Items directly from within.

Garage buy macVersion 3.5.3What's New
  • Download GarageBuy for iOS to garageBuy makes searching items on eBay efficiently. GarageBuy synchronizes your searches and items you already saw through iCloud.
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New in Version 3.5.3(2020-11-14):
  • added native support for Apple silicon
  • improved support for new macOS Bug Sur

For Mac, iPad & iPhone

GarageBuy is a free app primarily targeted at collectors and power-buyers on eBay.
With GarageBuy you set up your eBay searches once. It will keep track ofyour searches and can also synchronize them to your other iOS devices. It will alsosynchronize the list of items you already looked at, so you can focus on newitems exclusively, no matter if you are on your Mac, iPad or iPhone.
That's really smart, isn't it?


GarageBuy is multi-account ready and supports multiple eBay sites, like eBay US, Canada, Germany and the UK. Happy bidding all around the world!
It shows all item details including item specifics, bidding activity, read status and listing images. Add items to your favorites, share them, place bids or buy items right from within GarageBuy.

Place a bid or buy it now

Bidding on auctions and buying items has never been easier and faster. GarageBuy's bid panel with a big countdown display keeps you updated and helps you bidding at the preferred moment, e.g. shortly before the auction is about to end.

Dark Mode

GarageBuy supports the Dark Mode appearance on macOS 10.14 Mojave and later.

Get notified

Thanks to GarageBuy's push notifications feature you'll get notified when a listing ends or if you've been outbid. You can precisely control this feature in the GarageBuy preferences.

Garage Buy App Store

System Requirements:

Garagebuy Bid

10.12 and up
Supported Marketplaces:
eBay (20 countries)
  • eBay USA
  • eBay Motors (USA)
  • eBay Germany
  • eBay UK
  • eBay Australia
  • eBay Italy
  • eBay France
  • eBay Austria
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay Switzerland
  • eBay Ireland
  • eBay Spain
  • eBay Netherlands
  • eBay Belgium (FR)
  • eBay Belgium (NL)
  • eBay Singapore
  • eBay Philippines
  • eBay India
  • eBay Hong Kong
  • eBay Poland
GarageBuy is Freeware!
Download and use it at no cost.
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