This extension allows configuring commands that get run whenever a file is saved or folder is changed in vscode.


  • Following two events: onSaveDocument and onFolderChange:
    • onFileChange - allows to track changes to the contents of an existing file
    • onFolderChange - allows to track the deletion, addition and modification of files
  • case insensitive workspace root folder
  • Configure multiple commands that run when the event happened
  • Regex pattern matching for files that trigger commands running
  • Sync and async support


Add 'filewatcher' configuration to user or workspace settings.

  • 'shell' - (optional) shell path to be used with child_process.exec options that runs commands.
  • 'autoClearConsole' - (optional) clear VSCode output console every time commands run. Defaults to false.
  • 'commands' - array of commands that will be run whenever a file is saved.
    • 'match' - a regex for matching which files to run commands on.
    • 'notMatch' - a regex for matching files not to run commands on.

    NOTE Since this is a Regex, and also in a JSON string backslashes have to be double escaped such as when targetting folders. e.g. 'match': 'somefolder.*'

    • 'cmd' - command to run. Can include parameters that will be replaced at runtime (see Placeholder Tokens section below).
    • 'isAsync' (optional) - defaults to false. If true, next command will be run before this one finishes.

Placeholder Tokens

Commands support placeholders similar to tasks.json.

  • ${workspaceRoot}: case insensitive workspace root folder
  • ${file}: path of saved file
  • ${fileBasename}: saved file's basename
  • ${fileDirname}: directory name of saved file
  • ${fileExtname}: extension (including .) of saved file
  • ${fileBasenameNoExt}: saved file's basename without extension

File content change tracking example.Configuration in .vscodesettings.json

Folder content change tracking example.Configuration in .vscodesettings.json Pdfpenpro serial.


Filewatcher Ui



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Filewatcher Java

QFileSystemWatcher monitors the file system for changes to files and directories by watching a list of specified paths. Call addPath to watch a particular file or directory. Multiple paths can be added using the addPaths function. Existing paths can be removed by using the removePath. Can I Use Filewatcher Detect photo when I save Image to Folder From Mediacapture UWP. Uwp How I click to get index Children of canvas. Hot Network Questions. Using a FileSystemWatcher from PowerShell. The other day I had an idea: a PowerShell Script Server. Basically, it monitors a folder and when files appear in it, it takes some action on them, in.