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[prMac.com] Quechee, Vermont - PFiddlesoft has announced the release of version 3.0.2 of its popular product, UI Browser, the 'ultimate assistant' for GUI Scripting with AppleScript, and a developer utility for exploring Apple's Accessibility API.
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PFiddlesoft also released a new version of its free developer utility, Event Taps Testbench 1.4.0, on October 22, 2018, and its free developer utility, Accessibility Testbench 1.0.8, also remains available. They have been verified through macOS Catalina 10.15. The size is limited. EventsIn Verilog a thread waits for an event with the @operator. This operator is edge sensitive, so it always blocks, waiting for the event to change. Another thread triggers the event with the - operator, unblocking the first thread.System Verilog lets you play more with the event type variables. The framework supports and enhances Apple’s Accessibility API. The PFEventTaps Framework was created in 2007 as the engine underlying PFiddlesoft’s free Event Taps Testbench utility for developers. The framework supports and enhances Apple’s Quartz Event Taps API. Untitled folder.zip untitled folder cordicsamplegener testbench cordicsamplegenertb simulation This directory has a testbench for the IP. Perhaps you should try running that first. Or maybe you should read the IP's documentation, e.g. Event Taps Testbench is a free utility for software developers. You can use it to explore what your applications can do with Quartz Event Taps. It is also a useful tool to test virtual software input devices, assistive applications for persons with disabilities, remote control software, and drivers for hardware input devices such as trackballs and tablets.

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UI Browser helps you to explore, manipulate, and monitor the user interface of most macOS applications running on your computer. With the push of a button, it also generates AppleScript statements to control any application using GUI Scripting, even applications that are not otherwise scriptable. No other utility provides all of the information you need in order to write scripts using GUI Scripting.
UI Browser 3 is a Universal app. It runs natively on an Apple silicon Mac during the 30-day free trial period and with a Paddle registration key. It requires Rosetta translation to run on an Apple silicon Mac with a UI Browser 2 eSellerate key.
TestbenchVersion 3.0.2 requires macOS Sierra 10.12 or later. It clarifies UI Browser's alerts relating to registration and running as a native Apple silicon process or under Rosetta translation.
Event Taps TestbenchEvent taps testbench for saleIn addition, it includes these new features introduced in version 3.0.0:
* UI Browser's Target menu now includes a ControlCenter menu item on macOS Big Sur 11 to access the new Clock, Control Center and other menu extras.
* UI Browser now presents a contextual menu to generate an AppleScript statement when the user right-clicks or Control-clicks a UI element in the main browser view, an attribute in the Attributes drawer or an action in the Actions drawer.
* UI Browser now displays a header at the top of each browser column showing the level and number of elements in the column.
* UI Browser now displays user notifications instead of alerts on macOS Mojave 10.14 and later for some events, to avoid interrupting the user.
* UI Browser's Screen Reader can now monitor a single process chosen in its new Process pop-up menu.
* The UI Browser application icon is now badged when a target application is chosen on macOS Mojave 10.14 and later.

Event Taps Testbench Cost

* UI Browser now requires macOS Sierra 10.12 or later.
* UI Browser implements performance enhancements and a number of minor bug fixes.
Download a free, full-featured 30-day free trial version of UI Browser now at the PFiddlesoft website.Testbench
You may purchase a registration key for UI Browser 3 for $55. It is a free upgrade for owners of an existing UI Browser 2 Paddle or eSellerate key. However, owners of a UI Browser 2 eSellerate key purchased on or before June 30, 2019 must purchase a Paddle key to run UI Browser on an Apple silicon Mac as a native process instead of using Rosetta translation. UI Browser 1.4.1 is no longer supported and no free upgrade path is available.
UI Browser is based on the PFiddlesoft Frameworks, including the PFAssistive and PFEventTaps Frameworks. The frameworks are written using Objective-C, and they support 64-bit architectures using reference counted memory management and ARC. Developers can license the PFiddlesoft Frameworks for distribution or use with their own products that use Apple's Accessibility and Quartz Event Taps technologies. The frameworks may be licensed free of charge for personal use or for distribution or use with a free software product. A modest license fee is required to distribute or use the frameworks with a product for which payment is requested or required. Source code is available for a separate fee. Different terms apply to large or established commercial software developers. For more information, go to pfiddlesoft.com/frameworks/.

Event Taps Testbench System

EventPFiddlesoft(TM) has unmatched experience controlling the Macintosh Graphical User Interface using AppleScript and other technologies. PFiddlesoft is a trademark of PreForm Assistive Technologies, LLC, a company formed by Bill Cheeseman to develop and market Macintosh software based on Apple's Accessibility technologies. PFiddlesoft distributes applications written by Bill Cheeseman, including UI Browser, Event Taps Testbench, and the PFiddlesoft Frameworks. These products for macOS carry on the tradition of PreFab Player, a seminal product released for the classic Mac OS in 1994. UI Browser was first released in 2003 to support Apple's GUI Scripting and Accessibility technologies. It was followed in 2007 by Event Taps Testbench, a free developer utility to explore Quartz Event Taps.

Event taps are Core Graphics objects that an application can install in the system to monitor and respond to user input to any application from a keyboard, mouse, trackpad, scroll wheel, tablet or tablet pointer. Using Event Taps Testbench, configure and install as many event taps as you like and monitor user input events in real time. In addition, configure how the event taps respond to user input by performing the example actions provided, by blocking or modifying user input before the events are posted to their targets, and by posting additional events before and after the original event is posted.

In addition to being useful in its own right, Event Taps Testbench allows you to explore our PFEventTaps Framework. Go to PFiddlesoft Frameworks for information about downloading, using, and licensing the PFiddlesoft Frameworks, including the PFEventTaps Framework. There, you can also download the source code for Event Taps Testbench to serve as sample code showing how to use the framework.

Event Taps Testbench incorporates the PFEventTaps Framework as an embedded framework.

Go to Event Taps Testbench Support for a note about new security requirements in macOS Mojave 10.14 and later.