Enpass Portable

Enpass Portable

Download a portable version of Enpass — access your password vault on any Windows, macOS, or Linux device via a USB stick. Keybase. Use a third-party cloud service provider — some of the supported providers include Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Enpass is a password manager for those who are fed up with:

Enpass Portable Mac

  1. The portable edition of Enpass can store your private information on any removable USB device, creating its secure database in any user-specified location, so as not to affect the Windows registry.
  2. Download Enpass portable (Password Manager on USB) for Windows 10, Mac and Linux. There are two big advantages of using Enpass portable. First, you don’t need to look for installing the software no matter where, and Secondly it is truly cross platform. Even if you dont have access to a Windows machine, you can still use it on Mac, or even Linux.
  • Remembering all life-important credentials and passwords
  • Forgetting ATM pins or ID numbers at hour of need
  • Using costly and complex password management tools

Also stop compromising with your data security by either saving them in unsecured text/excel files or using the same password for every login. Using Enpass will solve all these problems.


Enpass Portable Heater

  • Military-Grade Encryption - Enpass uses AES-256 encryption to ensure highest level of security; all protection mechanism is done locally (offline) at your device
  • Cross-Platform Availability - Native application for all major desktop and smartphone platforms
  • No Online Sign-Up Required - Instead of our servers, your data is secured in your device
  • Cloud Sync - Changes are automatically reflected across your other devices through Dropbox and iCloud very securely
  • Import From Other Formats - Desktop version lets you import your data from Datavault, Keeper, 1Password, LastPass, RoboForm, Keepass, KeepassX, Password safe, eWallet, SPB Wallet, Moxier, SplashID, SafeWallet, Handy Safe, OneSafe, Password Keeper, and custom CSV
  • Secures Everything - Vast range of selected templates to store every kind of information
  • Strong-password generator
  • Auto-Clear Clipboard - Clears clip board automatically (optional)
  • Fully customizable
  • Folder support
  • Native and fast