1. Electroweb Or Electro Ball
  2. Electroweb Serebii
  3. Electroweb Db
  4. Electroweb Pokemon Move
  5. Pokemon That Learn Sticky Web

Every Place I've ever been

If an active ally has this Ability or the Minus Ability, this Pokemon's Sp. Electroweb deals damage and lowers the target's Speed by one stage. Stats can be lowered to a minimum of -6 stages each.

every person I've seenUnicorn https.

every kiss I've ever felt

it all remains

the hidden back drop

to my daily scene

haunts my dreams


passes like shadow

on a sunny day

Don't you see it all remains

nothing in your life ever leaves

you may think it's forgotten

but all our memories are indelible

printed till the end

of your time

Every time, all the time

through my dreams

seen clearly on a busy high street

all across me like indigo tattoos

can't you see here's your name

above my heart on my chest

Electroweb tm location

as clear as your eyes

at least as I remember

Every place I've ever been

every person I've ever seen

every kiss I've ever felt

it all remains, all so fucking real

so deeply felt

every day every place

every time every shame

all the smile eco's with

laughter round and round

Electroweb Or Electro Ball

rattling my mind late

and early all the trust


and deception on the tip

of a sharp daggered tongue

All remains till I'm good and gone

I'll leave my body, but I'll take this beyond

were money don't shine

Every place I've ever been

every person I've ever seen

every kiss I've ever felt

Electroweb Serebii

worth more than all the gold

dazzles more than the diamonds

Electroweb Db

ricer than all the rubies

Electroweb Pokemon Move

worth more than a big house on a hill

Simply put it's all I am

Pokemon That Learn Sticky Web

and in there I remember you.