EasyFrame Pre-Cut Framing System. We can put your framing design directly onto the wood in the form of layout marks and labels to provide a 'connect-the-dots' approach to your framing packages to accellerate the efficiency and smoothness of your framing process. EasyFrames™ – reusable display frames make displaying & updating signage or announcements in windows, on doors or walls simple and fast – with just a piece of paper! Change your displays and messages anytime you want with just a piece of paper. EasyFrame - Multi-Size for Wall Art 5-Step Do It Yourself (DIY) Frames for Perfect Wall Art Design every time. Getting Art Work decoration mounted for your masterpieces is simple and easy to do with EasyFrame INSTRUCTIONS: STEP-1: Overturn the painting, and use the pen mark the wood position on the painting.

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Multi Aperture Frames

Perfect for displaying a collection of photographs based around the same event, person or group. Either create a symetrical layout of matching apertures or get creative with the mish mash approach.

Multi Aperture Designs

Our new range of pre designed multi aperture mount templates for various purposes, including our popular designs for framing vinyl records, CD's, vintage cassette tapes and graduation photos.

Box Display Frames

Frames with the glazing and backing spaced away from each other to allow an item of depth to be fitted. Extensively used for framing 3D items such as Golf Balls, Wedding Flowers, Decoupage, Clothing, etc, etc.

Digital Print and Frame

Get the complete picture, hassle free. Just upload your digital image for it to be printed, framed and mounted to your specification. Wait a few days and all you need to do is hang your artwork on your wall.

Canvas Floater Frames

Custom poster frames

Create the modern framed look for your stretched canvas picture with our increasing range of canvas floater frames. These frames allow the entire canvas to be visible and give the impression it is floating

Tapes and Accessories

Bits and bobs to help complete your framing job to a higher/professional standard. Includes standard tapes, conservation tapes, clips, hanging accessories and extra boards.

Swept Picture Frames

Decorative and ornate frame range with styling that will add a touch of elegance to any traditional painting. These amazingly detailed designs are great value for money and very popular.

Multi Print and Frame

Upload multiple pictures based around the same theme, design the layout and select your framing combination. We will print, mount, frame and professionally fit the images to your exact specification.

How To Hang A Picture

Introducing 'Ben The Framer' and his latest demonstration video. Ben is a third generation picture framer, and is fast becoming a 'Picture Framing Guru' & YouTube sensation.

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Attaching Art To A Mount

A quick demonstration video from 'Ben The Framer' to show the easiest and quickest way to attach your artwork to a picture mount and barrier board before fitting in a frame.

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News - 360 Photography

We have adopted 360 spin moulding imagery to coincide with the release of our new website. The end-result is that customers can get a far better perception of their intended purchases.

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News - New Underpinner

Check out our industry leading picture frame underpinning machine that has recently been installed. The unique clamping mechanism creates tighter mitre joins than ever before.

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So, you picked up a brand new print or poster and need a well designed or stylish picture frame to finish it beautifully? Perhaps you have a treasured family photograph you want to showcase in an elegant dark wood frame with the right tone of stain? You're at the right place - EasyFrame.co.uk. At EasyFrame we specialise in the fast and accurate production of high quality, bespoke picture frames and mounts, making it easier than ever for you to frame all your favourite artwork and photos. With over 500 frame styles to choose from you'll be indulged in choice and bound to find the perfect frame for every picture or poster, no matter what your tastes or the style of your decor. Plus, we pride ourselves on being able to dispatch every new picture frame within 1 to 3 working days, so you have no need to wait around too long to hang your beautiful picture frame.

Quality and Best Price - Our Unfair Advantage

EasyFrame have been manufacturing picture frames and mounts for over 25 years and during that time we've developed loads of expertise and experience that ensures each frame and mount we produce is of the highest quality. Our workshop is packed full of the very best in framing technology, and we have lots of computerised machinery at our fingertips to help us achieve precise results with each and every order. There are a total of 10 qualified and experienced framers on our team, all of them extremely talented in their craft and dedicated to maintaining the highest quality. We have gilded ourselves as the expert experts in picture frames in the UK. Despite our unyielding standards, we also know the importance of great value and for this reason we make sure that all our frames are more than affordably priced. Great quality doesn't have to be out of your budget, and when you take a look through our impressive catalogue of frames you'll quickly see that we offer brilliant value for money.
Because we sell so many picture frame mounts, we are able to maintain phenomenal pricing on all the materials and stains. We pass this savings on to our customers so that we can maintain the lowest and best pricing you'll find online. You don't get better value than that!

Rewards for Loyal Customers

We've been operating for two and a half decades and during that time we've seen many loyal customers return to us again and again. To thank them for their wonderful custom, we set up our Loyalty Points Scheme which rewards them with redeemable points for each order they place. When you set up an online account with us we'll instantly give you 10 loyalty points, worth £1, which can be redeemed straight away. We're so confident that you'll love our service and picture frames that you'll keep coming back for more!

The EasyFrame Way

EasyFrame offers the widest selection of picture frames in many popular frame sizes as well as made to measure to your exact specification. Great value, amazing choice and incredible quality, all delivered straight to your door in just a few days - what could be better? Head to our catalogue now to get started creating your fabulous frames.


Free to use resources for students, pupils, teachers, lecturers, gallery-owners, curators, critics and art-lovers everywhere.
Katsushika HokusaiCubismJack VettrianoColour-Blind ArtistsJMW TurnerEugene Delacroix Georges Braque
William BlakeFrancis BaconAlphonse MuchaPointillismOliver Yu ChanFrancisco GoyaGiovanni Bellini
John ConstableDavid HockneyRosina WachtmeisterLucian FreudBanksyErnst Ludwig KirchnerPeter Paul Rubens
Andy WarholAlbrecht DurerRonnie WoodL S LowryRoy LichtensteinElisabeth Vigee Le BrunPaul Gauguin
CaravaggioChris OfiliClaude MonetEdouard ManetDiego VelazquezGeorgia O'Keeffe


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Ours has become a successful company because we manufacture picture frames for lots of great art. And, in the process, we have naturally developed not only a love for the framing process but for the fascinating and well-executed work that customers continually bring to us to frame.

This commercial success means that, as a mature business, we can afford to give a little back to the art-lovers who are the mainstay of our client-base, art-appreciators who share our enthusiasm. No we're not quite as affluent as the Medici family, so we cannot sponsor the 21st century equivalent of Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. But we can manage a bit of patronage and philanthropy when it comes to youngsters. So on this site you will find an already-substantial resource, one that grows all the time, which you are welcome to utilise entirely free of charge.

List Folder2List supports metadata such as EXIF, IPTC, ID3, video attributes or Office document properties. This allows you to clearly list, for instance, information regarding your MP3 files or photos. The program offers a variety of options to individually adapt the appearance of the lists. ‎FolderToList automatically creates lists from selected folders. You can catalog a folder in your hard disk, or even an entire DVD, or an USB-stick. You can choose to catalog only files, only folders or both. Moreover, you can choose to recursively list the files in the folders inside the parent one.


We are well aware that, in recent years, British schools came very close to losing History of Art at A Level from the curriculum. Yet the course and qualification have been salvaged by Pearson Edexcel, the UK's only privately-owned exam board though it is the biggest too. And, anyway, there are lots of universities out there - in the UK and overseas - where undergraduates and even post-graduates are studying the subject or something related to it.

EasyFrame is far from alone in feeling that it would be a sad day indeed if an understanding of what constitutes great art, and how it came into being, was not valued. So, although we were too slow off the mark to join the public campaign to keep the History of Art A Level on the curriculum, we're delighted now to feel that we can do our bit to ensure that it's never threatened again. So our resources are there for students and pupils. Though their teachers and lecturers may well find them invaluable too!

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Having said that, it's not just about exams is it? There are many of us with an artistic bent, or just an honest-to-goodness enthusiasm, who simply wish to know more about art because we love it. We want to know the provenance of each piece, what inspired the artist, about the genre, the materials used, the circumstances and the school. We'd like to know about the artist's background, what made them different, in part because we understand that very often the work itself is only a projection of the more complex and quirky creative individual behind it. We can know them, perhaps, through the prism of their work.

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That sort of information, and an intelligent interpretation of it, is useful to gallery-owners, curators, critics and art-lovers in the broader sense. Indeed it's useful for anyone who wants to bring themselves up-to-speed on an individual or a movement. Either for a purpose or just for the sheer hell of knowing more!


Easy Frame Picture Hanging Tool

This website has already begun to accumulate a sizeable cache of 1,000-word articles on fine artists. We've used an experienced academic - Paul Dunwell - who has sourced fascinating detail from a swathe of reliable locations, and then put his own interpretation on that agglomeration of information, so the articles stand up well to scrutiny.

How good are these articles? Well we think that, for 1,000-word pieces which give a broad and informed introduction to an artist or school, movement or genre, they may be the very best out there. So we think they're a great go-to resource. The hyperlinks below will take you to just some of our pieces. But there are many more on this site for you to explore. Importantly in time the cache will gradually expand to cover everything on the A Level syllabus and more.


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We should also emphasise that, mindful of ethics, EasyFrame is happy for visitors to strip out information, paraphrase and otherwise assimilate our materials when writing pieces. We are similarly happy to waive our copyright protection and intellectual property rights for that purpose. But nobody should copy ad verbum i.e. plagiarise the pieces because we defend academic integrity. It's also worth students and pupils realising that their own teachers and lecturers may well come here too when preparing lessons and notes. So anything that is simply cribbed will probably be spotted!