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DuPics is a necessary tool for every Mac users to clean duplicate copies of photos that pile up on your hard drive over the course of time. Using DuPics, one can easily bring together all the duplicate copies of a given image into an intuitive app interface from where users can copy, move and delete these files with ease. This will serve a noble purpose to free up tonnes of space by removing gigabytes of unneeded duplicate images from your hard drive.
DuPics is very easy to use. The app has been designed to let users have the easiest app operation ever. There is a dedicated button in the app to scan for duplicate or similar Photos from Photos library in your Mac. Once detected, you can either copy, move or delete these photos with ease.
Using its drag and drop functionality, user can also do the job much faster. The app starts searching for duplicate or similar images depending on your preference as soon as one drops an image or a folder in the app.
DuPics will help you find duplicate as well as similar images from any given location in two ways. User can either choose a folder to be scanned for duplicate or similar components. Or they can choose an image and then select a location to find duplicate/similar copies of that image in that location. It scans each and every image pixel by pixel to locate for duplicate or similar images.
DuPics supports all type of image formats and includes them in its search criteria. However, one can remove a few formats selectively from the App’s preference window.
DuPics allows you to go back and explore previous search results. It helps you to delete photos in future when you don’t feel like deleting some pictures at the time the scan for duplicate images has been made.
The app allows you to mark and delete all duplicate/similar images at once by clicking on Auto Mark button. Dvd burning for mac. However, users can mark duplicate/similar images one by one and delete them.
DuPics is definitely going to be a life saver and help you remove unwanted images which you might have forgotten. So, download DuPics today and clean your hard drive from duplicate copies of the same image.

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