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A lightweight, 3D molecular viewer for embedding molecules intoweb pages and web apps, with support for React. It is intended for useby both JavaScript and PureScript applications.

Live Preview: https://codepen.io/lukasturcani/pen/zYrwgem



You can install with either yarn:

or npm:



Add the following to your spagopackages.dhall file

Then run:

Draw Molecule From Smiles

Usage Examples

  • JavaScript
    • Drawing Molecules in Divs
    • Loading Molecules


List of Exported Functions

Apart from the usage examples here, you can see all exportedfunctions athttps://pursuit.purescript.org/packages/purescript-mol-draw/docs/MolDraw

The exported functions are identical for both JavaScript and PureScriptusers.

Drawing Molecules in Divs

Draw Molecular Geometry

Simple Case

Live Example: https://codepen.io/lukasturcani/pen/qBbmKeq Author.

Using Options

Live Example: https://codepen.io/lukasturcani/pen/PoZmMRP

Loading Molecules
Direct Creation

You can create molecules programmatically

Live Example: https://codepen.io/lukasturcani/pen/wvMdVEz

V3000 File Content

If you have the contents of a V3000 MDL .mol file, you can use itto create a molecule.

Live Example: https://codepen.io/lukasturcani/pen/qBbmKeq