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  2. Pixel Doodle Game

How to setting ?
-> Download launcher & set it as your default home.
-> Apply Icon pack to Launcher
-> Change launcher settings as follows :

  1. Google Doodle finder. Search by year and/or location.
  2. Google Doodle finder. Search by year and/or location.
  3. The Pixilart Drawing Application is your ultimate pixel drawing tool. Make beautiful pixel art, create game sprites, GIF animations and even draw online. Pixilart can even be used for external images. Just open and start editing your artwork.

There is no game: Wrong dimension is a Point&Click comedy adventure (and Point&Click only!) that will take you on a journey you never asked to go on, through silly and unexpected video game universes.

Home screen:
- Portrait gird : 5x4

- Portrait gird : 6x4
- Drawer background transparency : 0-10%

- Number of dock icons : 5

- Icon size 140%
- Icon font : system


- Full HD 192 x 192px
- 1.350+ Flat Icons.
- Compatible with Multi Launcher
- No Advertising
- Monthly updates
- Help and FAQ section

Please, if you have any issues with the app, send me an email before writing a negative review or refund. I would help you immediately quickly

Supported launchers

Apex , ADW , Go , TSF , Holo , Nova , Holo for ICS , Lucid , Pro , KK , Hola , Solo , Smart , Action , M , N , Etc , Inspire , UI 5.0 , Lollipop , L , Dodol , AdwEx , Atom , Aviate , Themer , CM Theme Engine , Mini , Nemus , S , Next , Nine , Unicon , Epic , ABC , Evie , LG Home , Nougat , V , Zero , Arrow…

and most others that have icon pack support.

If you do not see your application launcher in the list then apply it within your launcher

=> You can also apply icon pack from the respective launcher's theme / icon settings

Doodle Pixel


Qmidi pro. • Google Now Launcher do not support any icon packs.
• GO Launcher doesn't support Icon Masking and Icon Upon.
• With latest update LG HOME does not support icon pack on some devices.

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Quick usage

To use the quick default configuration you need an element from where to draw the image and canvas element with the id pixelitcanvas. Then load the pixelit.js script and apply it on an image.


You can pass some options when creating the instance (you can alter them later using the api methods).

Google Pixel Buds


You can chain all methods together, beware that the order they are applied can change the final result.


Applying first the color palette and then the greyscale can give a slightlity different image.

.draw() draw to canvas from image source and resizes if max height or max width is reached

.hideFromImg() hides the from image element, is applied on object creation

.setDrawFrom(elem) elem to get the image to pixelate

.setDrawTo(elem) canvas elem to draw the image

Pixel Doodle Game

.setFromImgSource(src) change the src from the image element

.setpalette(arr) sets the color palette to use, takes an array of rgb colors: [[int,int,int]], int from 0 to 255

.setMaxWidth(int) set canvas image maximum width, it can resize the output image, only used when .resizeImage() is applied

.setMaxHeight(int) set canvas image maximum height, it can resize the output image, max height overrides max width, only used when .resizeImage() is applied

.setScale(int) set pixelate scale [0..50]

Free doodle artGoogle pixel 4

.getpalette() returns array of current palette, can't be chained


.convertGrayscale() converts image to greyscale, apply only after .draw is called

.convertpalette() converts image with the defined color palette, apply only after .draw is called

.resizeImage() resizes the output image if bigger than the defined max Height or max Width

.pixelate() draws a pixelated version of the from image to the to canvas, , apply only after .draw is called

.saveImage() saves/downloads current image