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  • Each player gets certain number of tiles at the start of each round.
  • Remaining tiles are set aside forming a boneyard.
  • First turn or lead is decided by a draw of lot and in subsequent rounds player sitting next to previous leader gets the first turn.
  • Turn can be started with any tile and then subsequent tiles can be played at the two ends of the train.
  • There is no spinner in the game so a double can only be played at two ends.
  • If a player can not play, then he/she must draw from the boneyard until either he/she gets a playable tile or the boneyard has only two tiles left. Last two tiles from the boneyard can not be drawn.
  • If player draws a tile which can be immediately played, then it must be played.
  • If player can not play a tile and can not draw from the boneyard either, he/she simply passes the turn to next player.
  • The round ends if a player has played all of his/her tiles. Round can also end if the game is blocked which means no tile can be played by any player.
  • Winner of the round is the player who played all his/her tiles, or the player with lowest score.
  • Player scores the total of all other players' tiles pip count minus pip count of his/her own tiles (if game was blocked). If two players get similar score then there is no winner for the round and no player is awarded any point.
  • The game is played for multiple rounds and first player to score 100 points wins.