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Dive into the deep ocean with no aqualung and swim with the dolphins, without leaving your computer! With Dolphins 3D, your desktop will be transformed into a porthole to spy on the underwater world. You’ve never experienced this before. Features: - realistic dolphins animation - detailed ocean floor with corals - coral fish - special. Free Dolphin 3D models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options.

On this page you can download a dolphin 3D model. It was created in Rhino 3d and T-splines software based on a high-quality video tutorial for Blender software.

Our aim was to draw a 3D model of a dolphin in T-splines software, and then convert it to a NURBS or BREP 3D model. On the Internet we found a quality video tutorial for Blender 3D graphics software and drew a dolphin 3D model in T-splines software based on it. The STEP file that you can download here is the result of the conversion of a drawn polygonal mesh 3D model into a 3D CAD model. Unfortunately, while exporting a 3D model created in T-splines software, a mesh is created that, in addition to quad faces, has several triangular faces.

Rhino 3D + T-splines (Trial version)

STEP (Standardized 3D graphic exchange file format)


Geometry: Vertices:2682; Edges: 5388; Faces: 2708; Mesh: quads and small number of triangles

At the time when this 3D model was created, it was very difficult to find BREP or NURBS 3D models of dolphins or other animals. Modeling such shapes is much more complex in NURBS 3D software than in polygonal mesh software. This is much easier to do today as more and more software (even cheaper ones) can convert polygonal meshes to NURBS surfaces.

One of the good things about the dolphin 3D model is that you can easily deform it to obtain various body positions. Mailit 7. This is also how we got this dolphin 3D model, initially we drew it straight (stretched), and then folded the tail down. If you rotate it to the vertical, you will get the impression as if the dolphin is floating out of the water, and if you turn it down - as if it is diving into water. As you can see, by downloading this dolphin 3D model, you will obtain an initial 3D model from which you can create various 3D models, as well as their rendering and 3D animation.

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Dolphins swim around freely in one of the 3 included underwater scenes in this Living 3D Dolphins screensaver for Windows. You can customize the number of dolphins on a scale of 0 to 100, along with the quantity of Percula Flown Fish, Morish Idol, Blue Hippo Tang, Whitefaced Surgeon Fish and Yellow Tang. Sound effects can optionally be disabled.

Known issue 1: if you are on Windows 8 or 10 and receive an error about Flash while installing, close the installer, download and run this file, then restart the installation process.

Known issue 2: If you don't allow your system to be tested to automatically detect the optimal settings for the screensaver during installation, you may get a 'Runtime Error' when the screensaver attempts to run. You will need to click the 'Test my system for optimal settings' button under the 'Video' tab of the screensaver's settings panel to resolve this.


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3d Dolphin Wallpaper

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Dolphin 3d Model

It's so beautiful !! Thanks you very much Scrennsavers Planet ! It's great !!

Dolphin 3d Stl

by Alan C. on December 22, 2020

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