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High Cube Logistics Building with Stepped Parapet

10 Dockview Drive is a state-of-the-art high cube warehouse distribution center with 32’ clear height ceilings. This property was one of only a few 100,000 square foot warehouse properties to be constructed in New Castle County, Delaware.

10 Dockview has roof collateral load factored in for a future contemplated rooftop solar project. From conception to completion, 10 Dockview Drive embraced sustainable building practices including 90% recycled steel materials for superstructure, LED hi-bay lighting, modern storm water management practices to name only a few of unique features. Brightness control app.

  • Location: New Castle, DE
  • Size: 100,000 sf
  • Wall System: Nucor Classic Wall
  • Roof System: EDPM over B-Deck
  • End Use: Logistics/distribution

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  2. Dockview Boardroom. Impress your guests by hosting your meeting in the Boardroom, which can seat up to 14 guests. Dockview Boardroom. Dockview Boardroom.
  3. DockView offers an Aero Peek-like alternative for Mac OS X, but one that offers more features than Windows or the Dock. Simply move your mouse cursor over a program’s Dock icon, and instantly.

The DockView truck dock distance sensor provides a clear readout of distance in feet of truck to the dock, or other parking space. Displaying large, bright, 5-inch LED numbers that are visible at night, in fog, and in low-light conditions, the DockView backup sensing device makes parking in a confined space easier.

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Dockview On Lake Cumberland

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