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DJ Mixer Express is an affordable and easy-to-use DJ mixing app for Mac users that allows anyone to seamlessly mix music, karaoke, and video like a pro DJ. It gives you all the DJ tools and features you need to full control over the many functions that make this app a true DJ experience. The application's features include sual audio/video/karaoke playback in two independent decks, external video display, automatic or manual mixing , full iTunes-library integration, automatic BPM detection, automatic tempo control, one-click instant beat-matching, crossfading, seamless looping, automatic-gain, master-tempo, KeyLock, samplers, vinyl simulation, and support for mixing your music and video from iTunes. You can easily define your own sound by combine different audio effects. It also allows you to record your mixes to MP3 or AIFF formats. With DJ Mixer Express, mix and perform your music and video at a professional level -- anyone can mix their music with the program's simple interface in just minutes. ideal for playing your music in your party. You will be able to achieve any level of mixing complexity.

A Highly Capable, Portable Digital DJ Rig. Perform any way you like with Numark's Mixdeck Express DJ controller and mixer. The Mixdeck Express doesn't just give you hands-on control over your computer's digital music library, it also features dual CD decks for ultimate flexibility! MixMeister Express 7.7 is a powerful tool that you can use to create a professional-sounding mix from your music files with a minimum of effort. MixMeister Express 7.7 is compatible with Mac and PC so no matter which system you're on (see system requirements on the right of this page), you can enjoy the world's most intuitive music-mixing.

Dj Mixer Express Full Version Free Download

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Headphones preview with mono Y splitter
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speakers stereo output
output 2 :
headphones stereo output
Headphones preview with external mixer
output 1 :
player 1 stereo output
output 2 :
player 2 stereo output
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