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It can happen in the blink of an eye, the lamp tips over and the glass shade breaks. You don’t have to get a new lamp, getting a replacement shade is relatively easy. This is true for most modern bankers lamps, but you can actually get a replacement shade for original Emeralite lamps too.

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For the everyday modern banker’s lamp, the easiest place to get a replacement shade is Amazon. For an Emeralite it can be harder, but you can get a hold of one off eBay. These are only the short answers, continue reading to find out more.

Common bankers lamp shades

We were his exclusive supplier of lamps and lamp shades for many years until he died and the company was dissolved. A Few Popular Wholesale Lamp Shades Below - Other Sizes & Colors Available - ask Sort by: Product A to Z Product Z to A Price low to high Price high to low. WindowShade is a small desktop enhancement utility whose purpose is to help you apply a custom color on your desktop as a layer. The layer is placed above all other running programs, desktop icons.

Getting replacement shade for the banker’s lamps produced and sold today is relatively easy. There are several online retailers offering them and you get them in all of the popular colors. The easiest is to get one from Amazon as you’ll have all the necessary return policies and customer satisfaction guarantees in place. To make it easier for you, I made a table with the possible selections below.

Desktop Shadows Settings

The most popular are the standard green ones, but If you are looking for something edgy, you might go with the blue colored shade. If neither blue nor green is your color, you can also get them in white or the slightly more colorful amber shade.

The most trusted options are the shades from Newrays and Upgradelights. these companies have the longest track record of satisfied customers. Keep in mind that the shades from Upgradelights are a bit wider, so make sure to measure before buying. You can click the links in the in the table above to head over to Amazon. Here you can read through the many reviews of satisfied customers and compare their price.

Replacing the shade

Although these shades should fit most bankers lamps, you should make sure it will fit your lamp. You can do this by measuring your old shade and compare it to the dimensions of the shades above. If you don’t have the old shade, measure the distance between the armature of the base which holds the shade.

The most important measure is the distance between the holes in the shade. You also want to measure the width (front to back). Together, this will determine whether the shade will fit or not.

Don’t worry if your measurement is off with 0.1-0.2 inches. You should be able to fit the shade by slightly bending the arms holding the shade. For more about how to actually replace the shade, you can read my full-length article about it. Here I list all the things you need as well as explain the whole process step-by-step.

Emeralite shades

If you are unlucky enough to break an Emeralite shade, you just lost broke a $200 piece of glass. This is roughly the price of an original Emeralite glass shade if you can find one that’s for sale.

Earlier models of the Emeralite had the shade attached through holes in the sides (4378 series). However, the vast majority of Emeralites you can get your hands on today have the shade fitted on along the back end of the shade where the glass is curved inwards (8734 series).

Getting a replacement shade for one of these lamps is a bit tricky, and you are left with 2 options. You can look for an original shade for sale. You might encounter original shades for sale on eBay, however, they can be few and far between.

If you don’t have time to sit around waiting for one popping up on eBay, you can try to get a custom-made shade from a glassmaker making lampshades. I have found a company in St. Petersburg, Florida that sells custom-made Emeralite shades. You can check it out here (link to shade).


Before ordering, measure the old shade or the dimensions of your Emeralite and contact them to make sure you get a shade that fits. I’m currently trying to reach out to some other companies making glass lamp shades about whether they might be able to produce Emeralite shade reproductions. I will be sure to let you know if there’s any good news.


Desktop shared

There is no need to throw away your banker’s lamp if you are unlucky and break the glass shade. You can easily get a new one, and replacing the shade is not that hard.

Getting a new shade for an Emeralite or reproduction is a bit harder, but by no means impossible. Being able to restore it back to its former glory should be motivation enough.

I hope this guide helped you on your way in getting a new shade for your banker’s lamp. If you have any comments or other inquiries, please leave a comment in the comment section below.


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