DigitalDclock linux

DClock 2 is a desktop clock that is small enough to fit over the titlebar of an open window and always stays on top. Bandizip for macos. Perfect for people that keep their taskbar hidden. It has a number of customizing options and an assortment of time related tools.


Current Local Times Around the World

AccraWed 16:40CasablancaWed 16:40KolkataWed 22:10ReykjavikWed 16:40
Addis AbabaWed 19:40Chicago *Wed 11:40Kuala LumpurThu 00:40Rio de JaneiroWed 13:40
AdelaideThu 02:10Copenhagen *Wed 18:40Kuwait CityWed 19:40RiyadhWed 19:40
AlgiersWed 17:40Dallas *Wed 11:40Kyiv *Wed 19:40Rome *Wed 18:40
AlmatyWed 22:40Dar es SalaamWed 19:40La PazWed 12:40Salt Lake City *Wed 10:40
Amman *Wed 19:40DarwinThu 02:10LagosWed 17:40San Francisco *Wed 09:40
Amsterdam *Wed 18:40Denver *Wed 10:40LahoreWed 21:40San JuanWed 12:40
AnadyrThu 04:40Detroit *Wed 12:40Las Vegas *Wed 09:40San SalvadorWed 10:40
Anchorage *Wed 08:40DhakaWed 22:40LimaWed 11:40SantiagoWed 12:40
AnkaraWed 19:40DohaWed 19:40Lisbon *Wed 17:40Santo DomingoWed 12:40
AntananarivoWed 19:40DubaiWed 20:40London *Wed 17:40São PauloWed 13:40
AsuncionWed 12:40Dublin *Wed 17:40Los Angeles *Wed 09:40Seattle *Wed 09:40
Athens *Wed 19:40Edmonton *Wed 10:40Madrid *Wed 18:40SeoulThu 01:40
Atlanta *Wed 12:40Frankfurt *Wed 18:40ManaguaWed 10:40ShanghaiThu 00:40
AucklandThu 04:40Guatemala CityWed 10:40ManilaThu 00:40SingaporeThu 00:40
BaghdadWed 19:40Halifax *Wed 13:40MelbourneThu 02:40Sofia *Wed 19:40
BangkokWed 23:40HanoiWed 23:40Mexico City *Wed 11:40St. John's *Wed 14:10
Barcelona *Wed 18:40HarareWed 18:40Miami *Wed 12:40Stockholm *Wed 18:40
BeijingThu 00:40Havana *Wed 12:40Minneapolis *Wed 11:40SuvaThu 04:40
Beirut *Wed 19:40Helsinki *Wed 19:40MinskWed 19:40SydneyThu 02:40
Belgrade *Wed 18:40Hong KongThu 00:40MontevideoWed 13:40TaipeiThu 00:40
BengaluruWed 22:10HonoluluWed 06:40Montréal *Wed 12:40Tallinn *Wed 19:40
Berlin *Wed 18:40Houston *Wed 11:40MoscowWed 19:40TashkentWed 21:40
BogotaWed 11:40Indianapolis *Wed 12:40MumbaiWed 22:10TegucigalpaWed 10:40
Boston *Wed 12:40IslamabadWed 21:40NairobiWed 19:40Tehran *Wed 21:10
BrasiliaWed 13:40IstanbulWed 19:40Nassau *Wed 12:40TokyoThu 01:40
BrisbaneThu 02:40JakartaWed 23:40New DelhiWed 22:10Toronto *Wed 12:40
Brussels *Wed 18:40Jerusalem *Wed 19:40New Orleans *Wed 11:40Vancouver *Wed 09:40
Bucharest *Wed 19:40JohannesburgWed 18:40New York *Wed 12:40Vienna *Wed 18:40
Budapest *Wed 18:40KabulWed 21:10Oslo *Wed 18:40Warsaw *Wed 18:40
Buenos AiresWed 13:40KarachiWed 21:40Ottawa *Wed 12:40Washington DC *Wed 12:40
CairoWed 18:40KathmanduWed 22:25Paris *Wed 18:40Winnipeg *Wed 11:40
Calgary *Wed 10:40KhartoumWed 18:40PerthThu 00:40YangonWed 23:10
CanberraThu 02:40KingstonWed 11:40Philadelphia *Wed 12:40Zagreb *Wed 18:40
Cape TownWed 18:40KinshasaWed 17:40PhoenixWed 09:40Zürich *Wed 18:40
CaracasWed 12:40KiritimatiThu 06:40Prague *Wed 18:40

Set the hour and minute for the online alarm clock. The alarm message will appear and the preselected sound will be played at the set time. When setting the alarm, you can click the 'Test' button to preview the alert and check the sound volume. World time and date for cities in all time zones. International time right now. Takes into account all DST clock changes.

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