The module implements a simplified database engine based on text files. It can be used by OpenSIPS DB interface instead of other database module (like MySQL).


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The module is meant for use in demos or small devices that do not support other DB modules. It keeps everything in memory and if you deal with large amount of data you may run quickly out of memory. Also, it has not implemented all standard database facilities (like order by), it includes minimal functionality to work properly with OpenSIPS

Db textworks

NOTE: the timestamp is printed in an integer value from time_t structure. If you use it in a system that cannot do this conversion, it will fail (support for such situation is in to-do list).

NOTE: even when is in non-caching mode, the module does not write back to hard drive after changes. In this mode, the module checks if the corresponding file on disk has changed, and reloads it. The write on disk happens at OpenSIPS shut down.

The db_text database system architecture:

  • a database is represented by a directory in the local file system. NOTE: when you use db_text in OpenSIPS, the database URL for modules must be the path to the directory where the table-files are located, prefixed by text://, e.g., text:///var/dbtext/opensips. If there is no / after text:// then CFG_DIR/ is inserted at the beginning of the database path. So, either you provide an absolute path to database directory or a relative one to CFG_DIR directory.

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  • a table is represented by a text file inside database directory.

Dbtext Access

First line is the definition of the columns. Each column must be declared as follows:

  • the name of column must not include white spaces.

  • the format of a column definition is: name(type,attr).

  • between two column definitions must be a white space, e.g., first_name(str) last_name(str).

  • the type of a column can be:

    • int - integer numbers.

    • double - real numbers with two decimals.

    • str - strings with maximum size of 4KB.

  • a column can have one of the attributes:

    • auto - only for 'int' columns, the maximum value in that column is incremented and stored in this field if it is not provided in queries.

    • null - accept null values in column fields.

    • if no attribute is set, the fields of the column cannot have null value.

  • each other line is a row with data. The line ends with n.

  • the fields are separated by :.

  • no value between two ':' (or between ':' and start/end of a row) means null value.

  • next characters must be escaped in strings: n, r, t, :.

  • 0 -- the zero value must be escaped too.

Example 1.1. Sample of a db_text table

Example 1.2. Minimal OpenSIPS location db_text table definition


Db.text Sqlalchemy

Db text abbreviation

Example 1.3. Minimal OpenSIPS subscriber db_text table example

This database interface don't support the data insertion with default values. All such values specified in the database template are ignored. So its advisable to specify all data for a column at insertion operations.