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Cyclonis Password Manager Password Management Solution Manage & store your passwords in one place & sync them across multiple devices. Encrypt your passwords with 256-bit AES encryption, as used by governments, financial institutions, and in military applications worldwide. Cyclonis Password Manager offers a number of advanced premium features to organize your data and improve your online life. '40% of consumers admit to writing the passwords for their online accounts down on paper.' Cyclonis Password Manager stores your data in a personal vault, that is encrypted with AES-256 bit, an encryption algorithm used by governments, financial institutions, and in military. Cyclonis Password Manager is a free, easy-to-use solution to one of the biggest problems modern computer users face-handling tens (or even hundreds) of website accounts and using unique, complex.

AMCleaner is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) for Mac, which has been around for over two years. The first propagation campaigns linked to this PUP were identified in 2018 – back then, criminals were abusing the so-called 'typosquatting strategy' to redirect users to shady websites promoting AMCleaner. 'Typosquatting' involves purchasing misspelled domains of popular websites – e.g. instead of Users who try to visit the regular page may accidentally misspell the URL and end up at the fraudulent page, which has been designed to display bogus pop-ups informing visitors about non-existent malware infections. It is likely that the same strategies are being used to promote AMCleaner to this very day, but the app's creators may have decided to explore other opportunities as well. Mac users should be careful when downloading installers from unknown websites, especially if the page claims to provide details about active viruses on their computer.

UltraCompare's powerful compare functions work just as well over FTP, and even network shares and connected drives. Simply click to open from FTP, choose your connection or create a new one to save for future use. It's perfect for quickly checking local files and folders against what's already on the server. WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle. BS Folder Compare. BS Folder Compare is a free folder compare software for Windows. Compare a folder against workspace choose a folder to compare against the workspace's folder (when workspace is not empty) Choose 2 folders and compare - opens OS folder chooser twice Compare Folders Panel (Click on the icon in the Activity Bar) Click to select a folder see 1st item. Compare folders.

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The good news is that ending up with AMCleaner on your Mac is not the end of the world since this software does not have any harmful traits. It may, however, cause some trouble by feeding you false information about your device's health and security. This PUP is designed to perform a fake system scan, which always return a large number of unresolved issues. The goal of this trick is to convince the victim that purchasing the full version of AMCleaner is worthwhile since this would allow the software to fix all pending issues. This is a scam, and purchasing AMCleaner is not recommended because the issues it reports are non-existent.


In the past, the AMCleaner installer was also accompanied by the infamous Shlayer Trojan for Mac systems. Needless to say, having either of these apps on your device is an issue that must not be ignored.

If you are seeing AMCleaner pop-ups prompting you to purchase the full product of a system optimizer for Mac, then you should ignore the offer. Instead, run a reputable Mac anti-malware scanner to ensure the full removal of the AMCleaner PUP and all files related to it.


Although passwords are ubiquitous these days and there is basically no task you can do online without one – be it a privacy sensitive operation like online banking, access to your email and social media accounts or simply logging in to your favorite news website or blog – the vast majority of users seem to not be aware of how important managing the ever-increasing number of passwords is becoming. It is not just about remembering all the right passwords, but more importantly about making sure that all your passwords offer the level of security that you need in this day and age.

One possible reason might be that, while there are pretty powerful and comprehensive solutions out there (like LastPass, or Sticky Password), using their full functionality set usually comes with a yearly subscription model which might drive away potential users. Cyclonis Password Manager (CPM) comes into the picture to fill up this exact gap, by offering a multi-platform (Windows and Mac) solution that offers all the security and data protection features, without a price tag.

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Despite being completely free, it offers everything you would expect from a premium, subscription-based password manager, and even some features that paid solutions do not offer. All you need to do is create an account (your “vault”) that will contain all your passwords and sensitive information (notes, credit card profiles, etc.) This information will be encrypted and protected by your “master” username and password (the only password you will really need to remember). We really liked the feature that offers you the possibility to choose where your encrypted vault will be stored: your local hard drive (if you use only one device), or the cloud if you wish to sync a number of devices (compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive).

Another “premium” feature CPM comes with is integration with all major browsers in the form of extensions, including support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. The extension will fill in the user/password whenever you wish to log in and will also offer password generation assistance to make sure your password is safe enough when you create a new user account. You can also check the safety level (“Strength Score”) of your existing passwords and CPM will tell you which passwords you need to update (and generate them and remember them for you) and make sure you don’t use the same password everywhere.
If you already have login credentials saved in the browser or in another password manager, CPM will let you easily import them into the encrypted vault, as well as export all the data in the vault, in case you want to switch to another password manager.

Pros: Saving the encrypted vault in your own cloud account, password strength analysis, browser extensions and full functionality set without a price tag.

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Cons: For now, Cyclonis Password Manager is limited to the desktop, to Windows and Mac OS. There are no mobile apps (iOS and Android) like for some of the paid password manager solutions out there, but since this is a new product, the mobile app versions would most likely come soon in the future.

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Conclusion: All in all, CPM is a welcome solution that offers all the premium features that you expect from a password manager, without limitation and for free. It might just be the solution to close the gap and help everyone understand how important protecting your online information is these days, especially since you can now do that without burning a hole in your pocket.