Computix !

Computix is a edutainment software.

It's available in french and english, for Mac OS X and Windows.

It's distributed as a donationware. If you like this software, please make a donation.

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The board is made of 8x8 squares.

At the beginning, the 64 values are placed randomly on the board. You play horizontally, the computer plays vertically. The cursor is symbolized by a red circle.

When you click on a square in the cursor's line, its value is added to your score (or substracted if its value is negative), the square becomes unavailable and the cursor goes on it. Then the computer plays in the cursor's column.

The game ends when no more squares are available.

Good luck !

There are four levels :

BeginnerThe computer only choose the higher value in its column.
NormalSame as beginner level, but sometimes a new square appears.
AdvancedThe computer is thinking a little more and prepares its next move.
ExpertSame as advanced level, but a new square could appear with positive, negative or unknown value (X and -X squares).

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Computex Technology Solutions — an American Virtual Cloud Technologies Inc. company, IT solutions provider and one of CRN’s Tech Elite 250 — today announced it has achieved Cloud Champion Status, the highest tier in the Nutanix Elevate Partner Program. The designation is the highest competency level in the Elevate Partner Program and is achieved by partners who possess the greatest depth and breadth of product, services and support expertise across the entire Nutanix portfolio of cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Computex currently has 10 certified salespeople and seven certified engineers that have demonstrated hands-on experience and expertise in deploying and managing Nutanix solutions in real-world enterprise environments. This achievement represents thousands of dedicated man-hours. From the recognized Cloud Partners, only a small handful are then authorized to do the services portion. Even more rare are partners that can perform services, and also serve as the solutions provider both pre-and-post-sales. With Computex, customers enjoy even more choice and flexibility, as well as peace of mind, as they seek to build converged infrastructure solutions and cloud platforms that build in resiliency, active data protection and limitless scalability.


“Computex is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries for best of breed technologies and approaches for delivering complex projects,” said Worth Davis, President, Solution Provider Business, Computex. “Nutanix has proven itself an innovative, flexible, open technology platform created for tomorrow, which when delivered by our uniquely qualified and highly skilled architects, provides our clients with the ability to deploy data center and cloud transformation projects at any scale. This confidence and expertise in Nutanix are key reasons we were one of their first partners to bring Nutanix to large scale customers.”

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“From a technical, cost and ROI perspective, Computex has identified Nutanix as an ideal solution for our customers seeking to take the next step in their infrastructure modernization. As such, we have deployed Nutanix across our client portfolio -- from medium sized regional business customers to one of the largest privately held companies in the world,” said Faisal Bhutto, President of Cloud and Cybersecurity, Computex. “We’ve invested deeply in developing our own expertise across the Nutanix solutions portfolio in order to deliver the best-matched solutions to our customers. Being recognized by Nutanix at the premier level of their Nutanix Elevate Partner Program for these efforts and our demonstrated customer success, is an enviable feather in our cap, and underscores our commitment to engineering excellence and best-in-class customer service.”

“Nutanix is proud to have partnered--and continue to partner--with Computex for over 8 years. We commend their dedication to excellence and proven results in the development and delivery, as well as long-term management, of innovative end-to-end Nutanix solutions, you can trust. Istudio publisher templates. And in doing so, their enterprise customers can enjoy a modern data center able to run applications at any scale, on-prem and in the cloud,” said Christian Goffi, Vice President, Americas Channel Sales at Nutanix.

The Elevate program for channel differs from traditional partner programs by providing a unique emphasis on partner capabilities and competencies to sell and support the Nutanix portfolio, rather than revenue targets. To learn more about the Nutanix Elevate Partner Program, please visit:

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Computex Technology Solutions is an award-winning solutions provider that enables its clients to grow, differentiate and evolve their business via innovative and proven technology. An American Virtual Cloud IT service management company (AVCtechnologies), Computex combines its over 30 years of hands-on experience with its unparalleled processes to deliver enterprise networking, cloud and cybersecurity data center solutions, as well as managed services, that meet each of its customers’ unique IT, business and budgetary goals. To learn more, please visit: or call 888-335-2789.