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Kevin D. Carlson

April 12, 1962 (age 59)
Years active1988–present

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Kevin D. Carlson (born April 12, 1962) is an American puppeteer, best known for his role of Mr. Potato Head in The Mr. Potato Head Show.

Early life[edit]

Kevin D. Carlson was born and raised in Orange, California on April 12, 1962.


Carlson is known for creating The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth (alongside Dina Fraboni and James Murray).[1] Kevin Carlson also ran an online puppet greeting card site called PuppetGreetings featuring original characters such as Captain Bucky, Bob, Eyegore (who was previously used as Sidney Cyclops from The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth) and more. Carlson also played Clockey, Floorey and Conky on Pee-wee's Playhouse.[1][2]Taskfabric.


Clocky runaway alarm clock


  • Child's Play 2 - Chucky (assistant puppeteer)
  • Elmopalooza - Additional Muppet Performer
  • Muppet Classic Theater - Additional Muppet Performer
  • Muppets Most Wanted - LA Muppet Performer
  • The Muppets - Additional Muppet Performer
  • Theodore Rex - Ankylosaurus Dad (puppeteer)


  • All That - Fuzz ('Have a Nice Day with Leroy and Fuzz' segments)
  • Dinosaurs - Additional Dinosaur Performer
  • Greg the Bunny -
  • Imagination Movers - Warehouse Mouse
  • Late Night Buffet with Augie and Del - Joey the Monkey
  • Lost on Earth - Ahab
  • Muppets Tonight - Additional Muppet Performer
  • Pee-wee's Playhouse - Clocky, Conkey, Floory, Knucklehead, Red Dinosaur (of the Dinosaur Family)
  • The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth - Timmy the Tooth
  • The Office - Edward R. Meow (in 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day')
  • Where Is Warehouse Mouse? - Warehouse Mouse
  • The Mr. Potato Head Show - Mr. Potato Head / Alien (in 'Aliens Dig Baloney')
  • American Dad - (voice) (1 episode)


  • 9.1.1 for Kids: The Great 911 Adventure - Bud
  • Puppet Up! - Performer
  • The Muppets Take the Bowl - Additional Muppet Performer (live show at the Hollywood Bowl, Sept. 8–10, 2017)
  • The Muppets Take the O2 - Additional Muppet Performer (live show at the O2 Arena, Jul. 13-14, 2018

Crew work[edit]

  • Beetlejuice - Puppeteer
  • Cats & Dogs - Puppeteer
  • Dr. Dolittle - Puppeteer
  • Dr. Dolittle 2 - Puppeteer
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Puppeteer
  • Men in Black II - Puppeteer (uncredited)
  • Team America: World Police - Principal Puppeteer
  • The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth - Creator, Co-Producer, Writer


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