CDock 4.4.3

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Dock 4 4 3 gameCached

The cDock developer is very fond of 'milking' their users. Over the past 5 years, I have already bought 5 licenses for cDock. The developer keeps asking me to buy his app over and over again. The last time I bought a license for cDock 3 was 2 months ago, and after 2 weeks a new version of cDock 4 was released. Stephanie @ 271-1341 12-4-4-3 MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2002, ALLIGATOR, 3 SUBLEASE HOUSE/APARTMEWT SUBLS Sterling University Glades TBR in 4BR/2BA Apt $430/mth includes ET! W/D, Ethernet, Util, Cable Aug paid! Call 514-6184 if interested. Ask for Jessica 12-5-5-3 SUBLET- 5 blks from campus, 2 min bike ride. Great convenient location in NW. Customize your Mac's dock. Free English 12.5 MB Mac. Configure your Mac's hidden functions. Free English 13.3 MB Mac. FontExplorer X Pro 7.0.1. Install and manage all your fonts. Trial English 79.7 MB Mac. Customize DMG file installations. Trial English 12 MB. Personalizza il dock del tuo Mac Yosemite. Gratis Inglese 12,5 MB Mac. Un salvaschermo minimalista a forma di orologio flip.

名前サイズ日付ダウンロード数 12.8 MB 2020-11-18 09:24 0 0.1 KB 2020-11-18 09:24 8 10.1 MB 2018-03-24 11:24 11
versionInfo.txt 0.1 KB 2018-03-19 11:15 19 10.1 MB 2018-03-19 11:03 3
cDock.4.4.3.zip12.8 MB2020-11-18 09:240
readme.md0.1 KB2020-11-18 09:248
cDock_1.0.4.zip10.1 MB2018-03-24 11:2411
cDock_1.0.2.zip10.1 MB2018-03-19 11:033
cDock_0.12.4.zip2.3 MB2016-12-10 11:4528
cDock2_0.9.8.zip1.8 MB2015-10-11 13:5459
cDock_v9.3.0.zip2.8 MB2015-08-10 08:557
cDock_v9.3.1.zip2.8 MB2015-08-10 08:554
cDock_v9.4.1.zip2.9 MB2015-08-10 08:5510
cDock_v9.4.zip2.9 MB2015-08-10 08:5514
cDock_v9.1.2.zip3.2 MB2015-08-02 12:3513
cDock_v9.2.zip2.8 MB2015-08-02 12:358
cDock_v9.1.1.zip3.2 MB2015-08-02 12:352
cDock_v9.0.zip3.2 MB2015-08-02 12:353
cDock_v8.3.zip2.8 MB2015-08-02 12:352
cDock_v8.2.zip2.8 MB2015-07-06 12:148
cDock_v8.1.zip2.8 MB2015-07-05 05:314
cDock_v7.4.zip2.8 MB2015-06-22 09:0519
cDock_v7.3.zip2.8 MB2015-04-11 14:3214
cDock_v7.2.1.zip2.7 MB2015-04-06 14:035
cDock_v7.2.zip2.7 MB2015-04-06 13:516
cDock_v7.1.1.zip2.7 MB2015-03-24 07:2410
cDock_v7.1.zip2.7 MB2015-03-11 13:0713
cDock_v7.0.2.zip2.6 MB2015-02-06 13:0418
cDock_v7.0.1.zip2.6 MB2015-02-06 06:0710
cDock_v7.0.zip2.6 MB2015-02-03 07:547
cDock_v6.3.2.zip2.5 MB2015-01-09 03:1511
cDock_v6.3.1.zip2.5 MB2015-01-08 10:177
cDock_v6.2.0.zip3.3 MB2014-12-13 12:284
cDock_v6.1.2.zip2.6 MB2014-12-02 14:418
cDock_v6.1.1.zip2.6 MB2014-11-29 04:3012
cDock_v6.1.zip2.6 MB2014-11-26 08:415
cDock_v6.0.6.zip1.4 MB2014-08-19 11:4834
cDock_v6.0.5.zip1.4 MB2014-08-18 02:3610
cDock_v6.0.4.zip1.4 MB2014-08-17 07:513
cDock_v6.0.3.zip1.4 MB2014-08-08 13:288
cDock_v5.6.zip1.4 MB2014-07-14 11:236
cDock_v5.5.zip1.3 MB2014-06-29 13:595
cDock_v5.4.zip1.4 MB2014-06-24 06:414
cDock_v5.3.zip1.4 MB2014-06-23 13:492
cDock_v5.2.zip1.7 MB2014-06-14 06:387
cDock_v5.1.zip1.7 MB2014-06-14 06:376
cDock_v5.0.zip1.7 MB2014-06-06 03:366
cDock_v4.2.zip1.7 MB2014-05-30 06:417
cDock_v4.1.zip1.7 MB2014-05-24 14:216
cDock_v4.0.zip1.7 MB2014-05-18 09:423
cDock_v3.3.zip1.2 MB2014-03-29 11:4710
cDock_v3.2.zip1.2 MB2014-03-28 03:037
cDock_v3.1.zip1.9 MB2014-03-27 06:244
cDock_v3.zip2.2 MB2014-03-26 03:023
cDock_v2.zip669.2 KB2014-03-26 03:024
versionInfo.txt0.1 KB2018-03-19 11:1519
version.txt8 B2016-12-10 11:5315
cDock Beta
versionInfoBeta.txt4.5 KB2015-02-01 04:134
current.zip2.6 MB2015-01-29 06:1415
versionBeta.txt7 B2015-01-29 06:143
cDock_v6.4.0.1.zip2.6 MB2015-01-29 06:139
cDock_v6.3.0.7.zip3.3 MB2015-01-04 10:5810
cDock_v6.3.0.6.zip3.3 MB2015-01-02 08:1820
cDock_v6.3.0.4.zip3.3 MB2014-12-22 09:264
cDock_v6.3.0.3.zip3.3 MB2014-12-18 10:199
cDock_v6.3.0.2.zip3.3 MB2014-12-18 08:386
cDock_v6.3.0.1.zip3.3 MB2014-12-18 08:099
cDock_4.0.b8.zip1.7 MB2014-05-18 05:538
cDock_4.0.b7.zip1.6 MB2014-05-18 03:557
cDock_4.0.b6.zip1.6 MB2014-05-11 09:426
cDock_v4.0.b5.zip1.6 MB2014-05-11 09:2810
cDock_v4.0.b4.zip1.6 MB2014-05-11 04:557
cDock_v4.0.b3.zip1.6 MB2014-05-11 04:093
cDock_v4.0.b2.zip1.7 MB2014-05-10 12:176
cDock_v4.0.b1.zip1.2 MB2014-04-28 06:066

4.4.3 released on November 5, 2020

Dock 443

  • NewSupport for macOS Big Sur Betas 6 +
  • NewOption to set custom images for tiles (supports gifs)
  • NewOption to adjust indicator offset
  • ImprovedTile coloring is now a filter on the tile layer instead of coloring the tile image
  • ImprovedCustom background for left edge flips 180° when dock is set to right edge
  • ImprovedMinimized window dimming
  • FixedApp not auto-restarting dock when a new bundle was installed
  • FixedBug with injection causing crash on right click
  • Fixed'Click app Tiles to toggle hiding' on macOS 10.15 and below
  • FixedContinuity background hiding
  • FixedCrash when refreshing layers if a cached tile was missing
  • FixedCrash related to hiding running apps
  • FixedCrash related to fetching dock tile references
  • FixedCrash with continuity tile if reflections were disabled
  • FixedCrash if 3D dock enabled and no recent item separator existed
  • FixedCustom indicators being located higher than previous versions
  • FixedHidden apps sometimes leaving a straggler indicator
  • FixedIndicator layer drawing above tiles
  • FixedIssue where tile labels would sometimes show when disabled
  • FixedItems added to hidden icon list not applying until dock restart
  • FixedLag when blur reflections were enabled with mouse over magnification
  • FixedLicensing issues
  • FixedMemory leak with blurred icon reflections
  • FixedMemory leak with fetching dock tile references
  • FixedPreferences window tool-bar not displaying in some cases
  • FixedRecent item separator layer modification
  • FixedSmall memory leak with custom icon coloring