Captain Steve's Bait & Tackle. Mark your calendars our Annual Spring Flounder Tournament, with over $2500 in Cash & Prizes, will be held for 10 days April 30th - May9th. Python website scraper. With our pig roast and get-together on May 9th. The first 50 people will get Captains Bags with their entry fees by March 25. CAPTAIN is dedicated to the following: Providing statewide access to trainings and resources in Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) that are culturally sensitive, family centered, cost effective, and competency based.

Combining elements of free jazz, blues and rock, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band produced what is commonly regarded by critics and fans as one of rock’s few truly original bodies of work.

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Captain Frederick Pabst

Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) retired from the music industry after 1982’s Ice Cream For Crow album to concentrate on his primary love – paint.

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The Radar Station is a purely fan-run site which aims to document every twist and turn in the tale of this unique individual.

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