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Primary article: Caffeinated Skritt Burglar

The following is a list of locations where the Caffeinated Skritt Burglar's chest can appear. A maximum of only one chest can be active per map, and there is a reset period before the next chest appears. There are five potential spots per Crystal Desert zone.

Crystal Oasis[edit]

Caffeinated beverages
  • Free City of Amnoon: At the base of a small broken pyramid slightly northwest of the The Empty Quarter. If not check the pyramid below with the red kite.
  • Sifuri Sand Sea: Dune south of the Temple of Atar, under the broken bridge leading east-west to the Hatari Tablelands, where the cliffs turn in to meet each other.
  • Omiramba Sand Sea: At ground level one third of the way between the Retreat of the Resolute and the Temple of Kormir, on the ground between the cliffs.
  • Maculate Fringe: North of the The Teratohedron point of interest on the ground within the shattered pyramid.
  • Destiny's Gorge: High up on the east wall, south east of the platform with the vista. Has a few bushes on it.
  • (1) Location in the Free City of Amnoon. Vidmore video enhancer.

  • (2) Location in the Sifuri Sand Sea.

  • (3) Location in the Omiramba Sand Sea.

  • (4) Location in the Maculate Fringe.

  • (5) Location in the Destiny's Gorge.

Desert Highlands[edit]

  • Salt Flats: Under the vista west of Diviner's Reach.
  • Brightwater Inlet: Island in between Transcendent Bay and Brightwater Inlet, under the scaffolding of the racetrack.
  • Winter's Teeth: Altar of Dakhma, on the stairs leading to the summit.
  • Windshear Scarps: Slightly northwest of the Giant's Steps point of interest, beneath the griffon roost.
  • Tomb of the Primeval Kings: Below the Eternal Fire hero point to the east.
  • (1) Location in Salt Flats.

  • (2) Location in Brightwater Inlet.

  • (3) Location in Winter's Teeth.

  • (4) Location in Windshear Scarps.

  • (5) Location at Tomb of Primeval Kings.

Elon Riverlands[edit]

  • The Scavengelands: At the Skritt's Audience point of interest.
  • Prophet's Path: Beneath the pillar with the vista, west of Heroes' Overlook.
  • Ustulate Barrens: Decimation Bend, just northwest of the landmark icon, near the inactive teleport.
  • Elon Flow: In between Lonely Vigil and the nearby vista, on the lower ground.
  • Elon Riverbank: Island in between the Elon Riverbank and Shoals of Sovereignty, at the curve in the road.
  • Caffeinated Skritt Elon Riverlands The Scavengelands.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt Elon Riverlands Prophet's Path.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt Elon Riverlands Ustulate Barrens.jpg
  • (4) Location in Elon Flow.

  • (5) Location in Elon Riverbank.

The Desolation[edit]

  • Boundary Preserve: At the top of the hill between the caravan event and the jackal mastery sand portal to the south.
  • Sulfur Quarry: Inside a ground-level pipe leading to the sulfurous pools between the location marker and the vista.
  • Lair of the Forgotten: Directly south of the waypoint, inside the spider cave near the bridge.
  • The Mouth of Torment: Due south of the The Mouth of Torment.
  • Joko's Domain: Directly behind The Bone Palace.
  • Caffeinated Skritt The Desolation Boundary Preserve.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt The Desolation Sulfur Quarry.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt The Desolation Lair of the Forgotten.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt The Desolation The Mouth of Torment.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt The Desolation Joko's Domain.jpg

Domain of Vabbi[edit]

  • Western Mihan Hillsides: in an open area south of the entrance to the Lair of Zommoros
  • Eastern Mihan Hillsides: North of the hilly area where it says 'Eastern' in 'Eastern Mihan Hillsides' on the map. Easily accessed from the Windswept Haven guild hall.
  • Glowering Overlook: Head west from the Court of the Dead. Within a group of trees next to huge rocks, at the east end of the words 'Glowering Overlook' on the world map.
  • Dehwan Expanse: On the ground outside along the south wall of the Ruins of Mihanu Township point of interest. (Difficult since completely within the Brand).
  • Resplendent Trace: At the base of a small path on the edge of a cliff. (Difficult since the Skritt runs through the brand, which puts you in combat and slows you down).
  • Caffeinated Skritt Domain of Vabbi Western Mihan Hillsides.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt Domain of Vabbi Eastern Mihan Hillsides.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt Domain of Vabbi Glowering Overlook.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt Domain of Vabbi Dehwan Expanse.jpg
  • Caffeinated Skritt Domain of Vabbi Resplendent Trace.jpg

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Caffeinated Water

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Caffeinated Ventures

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