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Android Bulk SMS Sender is a multiple SMS sending tool from Multiple Android phones through a single platform at once. You can send Thousands of SMS from your PC through connected Android Phones. You need to install 'SMS Sender Modem Pro' App in your phone to get connected to the Android Bulk SMS Sender. You can import the contact list from the files (excel and text files) on your computer or you can enter contacts manually. You can send SMS to any number recipients without any constraints from the software. Android Bulk SMS Sender allows you to send INTERNATIONAL SMS in BULK with the feature of adding country code as prefix to Mobile Numbers. Android SMS sender also allows you to customize SMS with many fields such as (Mobile Number, Name etc). It allows you to select mobile number out of all connected mobile phones through which you want to send SMS from PC. Android Bulk SMS Sender includes many features such as delay in SMS to be delivered.Android Bulk SMS Sender sends SMS from pc to mobile.

Android Bulk SMS Sender acts as an advanced marketing tool in the market, making it easier to send promotional messages and links. You can send Personalized message to all the contacts. For example, you can add the name of contacts in the message for personal touch.It also keepsa Log file for Sent and Failed SMS with number, corresponding message and Dates of SMS sent. The unique feature of Android Bulk SMS Sender is that itsends SMS to All DND/NON-DND Mobile Numbers. This SMS sending softwaresends SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers. Android Bulk SMS Sender is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 10. It only requires you to have the SIM in your phone and No data connection is required for its working. It supports Multi Lingual SMS so that you can send SMS in French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, German and many Others.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 'SMS Sender Modem Pro App' required in the Android Phone.

Send SMS Campaigns to 1,000+ Mobile Network Operators in More than 200 Countries

Why Atomic SMS Sender I had tried a few different mass sms services before i found Atomic SMS Sender, i found it easy to use, it worked perfectly and got the job done quickly at a great price compared to others i have used, so i would definitely recommend this service. Android Bulk SMS Sender is a Software to send SMS in BULK for thousands of Mobile Phones from Your PC. You can send Thousands of SMS from your PC through connected Android Phones.It also allows you to customize SMS with many fields such as (Mobile Number, Name etc). $ 20.00 – $ 99.00.

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Bulk Sms Sender Free

Complete language support

Unicode allows you to deliver messages in every language in the world.

High-speed delivery

Automated SMS campaigns are sent with a speed of 200-500 messages per second.

GSM and CDMA support

Send SMS to subscribers with mobile operators that use the GSM and CDMA standards.

SMS service integration with your CRM and CMS

Use our modules and plugins to integrate SMS service with your CRM, CMS, eCommerce systems, and SaaS applications.

SMS Personalization

Add the recipient's name, offer loyalty program bonuses, give a discount as a gift for a subscriber's birthday, and much more. Add variables to your mailing list to get started with personalization.

Build Your New SMS Strategy

Launching an SMS campaign to all of your SMS subscribers is not always effective. Increase your campaign’s impact by connecting your SMS campaign with other marketing channels like email, web push notifications, and messengers. This tactic allows you to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. With SendPulse, you'll find tools for multichannel marketing.

Use Our Free Subscription Form to Collect Phone Numbers

Create a custom subscription form or use one of our pre-made forms, and place it on your website. Add fields to the form, so that users can enter their phone numbers and other information, for example, their gender, age, or location.

Segment Your Recipients

Use segmentation for targeted SMS offers like children's clothing for parents and discounts for national holidays. You can segment your audience according to their age, interests, gender, mobile network code, and more. The more segments you have, the more relevant your messages will be.

Multichannel Marketing

Link your SMS with different channels using our Automation 360 system for trigger messages. You can send SMS, email, and web push notification in one flow.

SMS Automation

Schedule your SMS campaigns for a particular date and time. This feature will help you send SMS automatically, even when you are out of the office.

Transactional SMS and API

Confirm your customers’ orders, send payment confirmation, or a tracking number automatically. You can use transactional SMS to send a message right after a user registers on your website or signs up for a webinar.

  • Log in to your SendPulse account

    Sign up now if you have not registered yet. Click 'Send SMS' at the top of the main dashboard to launch an SMS campaign.

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  • Create a mailing list

    Add your subscribers’ phone numbers manually, upload a file, or import contacts from a third-party service.

  • Add funds

    Add money to your account using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or WebMoney.

  • Enter a sender name

    It's necessary to register your sender name to send SMS to some mobile operators. To do it, fill out the specified form.

  • Enter the text of your message

    Our service supports all Unicode characters. You can send SMS in any language. Each SMS can be up to 124 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

Now all you have to do is click 'Send'

Bulk SMS Sender

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Our service offers discounts for companies that send SMS to large recipient bases.

Bulk SMS Sender

Statistics and analytics

Bulk sms sender for windows

Measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaign by tracking delivery rates.

API for developers

Use our API to integrate SMS service with your website or CRM system.

Unsubscribe links

Let your audience know that they can unsubscribe at any time.

Exception list

Use this feature when you don't want to send a message to your whole mailing list.


💙 How can I send a bulk SMS campaign?

Log in to your SendPulse account and click the 'Send SMS' button. You will see a form to fill in. Type your sender name and the text of your message, then choose recipients. Read more in this article.

📝 How can I register my sender name?

Navigate to the 'Service settings' menu, select 'SMS Sender ID,' choose your country and enter your ID.

🌎 In what countries can I send SMS?


You can send SMS to more than 1,000 mobile operators in 200 countries around the world. See the whole list of countries.

📲 How can I create a database with phone numbers?

Click 'New mailing list,' name your mailing list, and click 'Create.' Add your customers' phone numbers to the list. You can do it manually, upload a file, or import numbers from other services. Read more details in this article.

🎀 Can I personalize my SMS campaign?

Yes, you can. Add recipients' names, birthday, gender, age, interests, and other information with the help of variables.

🌐 Can I segment my list of recipients by phone number criteria?

Yes, you can segment your mailing lists to send SMS to recipients with numbers from a particular mobile operator or with a particular country code. Read more about how to segment by phone number.

🛒 How do I purchase bulk SMS from SendPulse?

Add the necessary funds for your SMS campaigns. Read the instructions to send SMS with SendPulse.

💳 How much do bulk SMS campaigns cost?

The price per SMS depends on your location and the location of your recipients. You only pay for the number of messages you send at a fixed rate. You can find the prices for sending SMS to different countries.

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