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Bookends are universally appreciated for organizing books and keeping them upright for easy access at the workplace, a school classroom, library or home. Look for long-lasting features, such as a non-slip design with a padded base. Bookends overall is comparatively more wonky and less user friendly. But the biggest problem I have experienced with Bookends is the iOS sync feature. As I move frequently between devices (iPad, desktop at home, and laptop at work), I need instant sync as I pickup on a new device where I left off on an old device.

Bookends punctuate your favorite sci-fi novel series and make your mini library feel more sophisticated. Besides the visual perks, bookends keep heavy books in line, helping you avoid haphazardly stacked shelves and falling objects. Bookends by book theme. For example, if you’ve got a collection of non-fiction books on the history of Europe, separate them from the rest with historical-inspired bookends, like mini Eiffel Towers; Minimalist bookends. Go minimalist by curating a small collection of your favorite books.

Bookends is a 64-bit full-featured and cost-effective bibliography, reference, and information management system for students and professionals. Bookends requires Mac macOS 10.13 or later (including Catalina, macOS 10.15). Bookends is unicode-savvy, so you can mix Roman (English, French, German, etc.) and non-Roman (Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, etc.) characters.

Introducing WYSIWYW (What You See Is What You Want)

A highly configurable, interactive, and editable interface lets you work with reference information the way you want. View Groups or Term Lists (Authors, Keywords, etc.) on the left. In the concise reference view on the right, arrange fields in any order, show just the ones that you find useful, and label them as you like. Editing or entering information is a single click away. Show attachments (pdfs, text files, images, etc.), or use the reference’s URL to show live web pages of its contents. Notecards let you enter, edit, and rearrange your thoughts, and make citing pages in footnotes a snap. Tag clouds let you visualize your terms and word use, and quickly tunnel down to the references you want. Here are some of many different ways that the same data can be viewed in Bookends:
Bookends movieFormatted reference, reference summary, single column reference list

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