An enhanced version of our 80-page Custom Birthday Book, the Ultimate offers additional features to make it a lasting treasure and an heirloom gift. It contains approximately 140 pages, including an entertaining 24-page timeline, packed with photos, of more than 1,200 news and cultural events spanning the last 120 years.

  1. If your special date is Jan. 3, 1925, for example, the Custom Birthday Book will include the front page from that date, and the front pages from Jan. 3 every year following, through today.
  2. BIRTHDAY BOOK INSTRUCTIONS. Materials Needed: Class set of printed birthday book pages. Class set of approx. 4 ½“ x 6” construction paper rectangles. Book cover – 2 regular sized pieces of construction paper for back and front or just one to go over the front. Ask your teacher to find something to do outside of the classroom for 5-10 min.

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Upcoming Book Signings and Pop-Up Events: Tonya will be signing books at Freeport’s first Makers on Main event of the season, Saturday, May 1st. Find our booth in the Freeport Village Station area. See the Happenings page for the latest info!


What would you wish for? That's the question a thoughtful chickadee named Dirigo asks his friends who have traveled from all over Maine's woods, waterways and wilderness to celebrate his birthday. Gathered around the dandelion birthday candle, each animal offers Dirigo a special wish as they take turns telling stories about their own Maine birthdays.

Explore the wildlife, geography and magic of Maine through this 52-page birthday celebration from the imagination of Maine writer, Tonya Shevenell, with water-color illustrations by Laura Winslow. Written for the kid inside all ages, the book is especially sweet for 3-8 year-olds. Additional pictures can be seen at the link!

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A new children’s book celebrating the wildlife, geography and magic of Maine through the birthday stories and special wishes of animal friends.

Birthday stories abound when a thoughtful chickadee asks his friends from all over Maine’s woods, waterways and wilderness a special question: what would you wish for?

Join Doodles, a puffin from Knox County; Socks, a black bear from Penobscot County; Chester, a snowshoe hare from Franklin County and the rest of the animal friends for a party to be enjoyed any day of the year.

If you are already friendly with the animals in the book and their story and are looking for the book’s caterpillar journal series, click HERE to see the (18 and counting!) journal entries in the What’s New section of the website.

The details

  • Hardcover book with jacket

  • 52 pages Page size 10.75”(width) x 9.75”(height)

  • ISBN 9781733951609 Published by Home Ice Productions, Portland ME

  • $18.95 retail available at our online gift shop or at these super stores

  • Collectors limited run, numbered book from first printing $35 (available only through our online gift shop, not available in stores)

  • Written for the kid inside all of us, but especially sweet for children 3-8

  • Written by Tonya Shevenell Illustrated by Laura Winslow (see below for info)


Tonya Shevenell was walking in Maine where farmland and forest meet the sea, when the trees began whispering ideas for The Maine Birthday Book - as witnessed by three white-tailed deer. Msg viewer for outlook.

Born and raised in Maine, Tonya works on books, films and music, and runs Portland’s Home Ice Productions.

She also spends a lot of time in the imaginary hometown of Malibu, Maine.

Note: In-person book signings are re-starting, carefully and safely. Updates and the full calendar of events are posted in Happenings.

Tonya is working on her second children’s book and a documentary film called Shape Of Love: 200 Years In Maine. She is very excited about Maine’s Bicentennial and plans to enjoy the extended celebration right through 2021. She enjoys meeting readers at author talks and other related events!

the BONUS - The HIDDEN Stories journal

A curious little character from inside the pages has stories no one has ever heard or seen from the making of the book!

Dear Travelers,

Did you read The Maine Birthday Book? Did you see my journal pages in the back and the sign to Malibu Maine? If you did, you already know things that others don’t (you know…about Milton the squirrel and Cadillac the lobster). There are so many more things. If you want to see my special stories journal, I’ll be adding to it through mid-October, 2020, so come back and see what’s new! See you soon.Onward, Your Maine Birthday Book Buddy. Click HERE to go to the Caterpillar Journal in What’s New section.


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Laura Winslow’s artistic training began early. As a child, she learned from her mother how to draw and paint using pastels and watercolors. As a teen she studied watercolor technique with the renowned painter, Edgar Whitney, on Long Island. After university, Laura worked as a staff artist for advertising agencies in New York City and Vermont. In addition to creating her own paintings and illustrating books, she teaches watercolor workshops and private lessons in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Visit her works at her Etsy shop:


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