BetterChat For WhatsApp

I’d like to tell you a few words about the release of our latest app - BetterChat for WhatsApp.

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Betterchat For Whatsapp

Connect your phone with WhatsApp to your LiveChat instance in minutes. Your users will be able to chat with your company via Whatsapp, while your agents will continue to use the LiveChat in the background. The app supports sending and receiving all kind of media. Add WhatsApp chat to your site in seconds! WhatsApp Chat for your site. Chat with visitors on your website using WhatsApp. Get Started Now. Get our free WordPress WhatsApp Chat Plugin. Customize your chat button. Choose your social platform Multiple platforms allowed with the Pro version. Whatsapp Facebook. 'What is WhatsChat app used for?' The answer is often misunderstood: you can open a chat on the official WhatsApp app (or Business) with another user if you know their number. This app replaces the method of saving the number into contacts. This will NOT allow you to 'spy other conversations', 'contact with numbers without WhatsApp', 'Why should I use this instead of others?'


BetterChat is a WhatsApp client for your Mac that is packed with lots of great features you can’t find in other apps of its kind.
We think it’s a must-have app for any WhatsApp user and Mac enthusiast.

Time to Say Thank You


Before I get into the details of our launch I’d like to take the chance to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who helped getting the app into the App Store. While I spend most of the the time writing the app, i receive lots of help from great people designing and developing the website, creating the icons, writing the texts and discussing features and design. Especially I’d like to thank Menno, Lux, Simon, Sören and Janis. They worked hard so that we were able to release the app on March 25. Within two days the app climbed into the Top 10 Paid Apps in El Salvador and Chile…

What a Surprise - #1 in Tech on Product Hunt

That day, Andrew (@andrewett) contacted us on twitter and I immediately got excited.

Ton (@t55) hunted BetterChat for WhatsApp and people seemed to like it. Whooohoooo…Thanks so much Ton!!

Some Statistics


At that moment, we had 33 active users on our website…

Better Chat For Whatsapp

This resulted in a huge peak in daily sessions…

During that time, the app climbed into the Top 10 Paid Apps in 17 countries including the US, Canada and Germany…

Again - Time to Say Thank You

With this post, I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at Product Hunt. Especially, I’d like to thank Andrew, Erik, Jacq and Ton. It was an amazing experience to be featured on such a great website. It is awesome to get that much attention, especially for a small startup like appgineers.

BetterChat For WhatsApp

Thank you,


BetterChat for WhatsApp (was BetterApp for WhatsApp) brings seamless integration by using native notifications, full support for audio messages and media upload, an elegant user interface, and much more. It's the only app that allows you to receive and send audio messages and take photos and videos from within the app! The must have WhatsApp Messenger for any Mac enthusiast! BetterChat for WhatsApp can do a lot more:

  • Polished Mac style user interface supporting dark theme
  • Receive and SEND audio messages
  • Record videos and take photos directly in app
  • Polish your photos before sending them
  • Variety of notification sounds
  • One click silent mode, for when you're busy
  • Place FaceTime calls from within the app
  • Automatically launch the app on login
  • Customizable notifications
  • Hide the dock icon and run the app seamlessly in the background
  • Define a global shortcut to bring up the app window any time. Other great features:
  • Integrates seamlessly into your Mac workflow
  • Use drag-and-drop to send media
  • Reply instantly to incoming messages right from the message notification
  • Variable text sizes
  • Supports custom background images
  • Show unread message count in Dock icon badge
  • Indication for unread messages in menu bar
  • Download images and videos to your Mac
  • Play videos inside the app
  • Wide support for shortcuts
  • Use full screen and split screen mode
  • Standalone application--no need to have a Web Browser window open to write WhatsApp messages

Disclaimer: BetterChat for WhatsApp is a 3rd party app. The author of this software is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp, Inc., in any way.