Retro Bench - Cool hobby style builds done in the 70's style made with vintage parts, done the old school way. Join Team FranLab!!!! Become a patron and he. Learn the basics of BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) using this example. Add the displayed shape values ve.

We see so many clocks here at Hackaday, and among those we see our fair share of binary clocks. But to see one that at first sight looks as though it might be a commercial product when it is in fact a one-off project is something special. That’s just what [Tobi4sDE] has done though, with his desktop BCD binary LED clock.

The front panel is a black PCB on which sit the LEDs that form the binary display, and its back holds an ATMega328P microcontroller and DS3231 real-time clock. A smart desktop case is 3D-printed, and while the clock is USB-powered it features a CR2032 coin cell as a backup to hold the time while the USB is disconnected.

Unexpectedly he’s used a mini USB socket rather than the expected micro USB, but the rest of the clock is one we’d probably all have on our desks given the chance. We’d even go so far as to say we’d have this one as a kit if it were available.

Of course, regular readers will notice that this isn’t the only high-standard BCD timepiece you’ll have seen recently, though the other one was a wristwatch.


'Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.'
- Tim Fargo


Middlesex County VTHS, East Brunswick Campus

While attending EBVTHS, I learned the necessary skills to enter my field of work as an electronics technician. My curriculum included Ohm's law, DC and AC circuit theory, power supplies, operational amplifiers, troubleshooting and fault correction, digital theory, logic gates, circuit design, and PC board etching.

Achievements: Received the Don Vetter Memorial Award for the outstanding senior in electronics upon graduation.



Technical Consultant

With a decade of operational experience in service providers and hosting, I bring a plethora of skills to the table. Linux systems, scripting and automation, load balancing, performance, backups, and disaster recovery, for starters. Let me be of service and help with your application's needs.

Developer In Transition

PHP, Javascript, mobile-first, responsive design.

Senior Systems Administrator, Team Leader

Hardware and software specialist; provided managed server support to our customers which included configuration and maintenance of small to large scale web and database servers, clusters, and storage arrays, operating systems help, and application configuration. Performed server upgrades, website migrations, software updates and fixed common errors. A1 website analyzer login.

Trained, mentored, and molded our junior staff on company policies and procedures, interaction with our customers, and guidance through challenging trouble tickets. Effectively created a two tier support system to handle customer support quickly and more efficiently. Maintained a 100% customer service satisfaction record.

Assisted with our premier customer's traffic growth by 600% while I took ownership on their account and re-engineered this platform. My areas of expertise included unix systems architecture, performance tuning, network layout, and counseling the customer on software engineering and code refactoring.

Engineered and deployed portions of our multi-node DNS solution; a fusion of anycast DNS and layer-4 load balancing providing high availability as well as ultra low latency response. I also integrated counters and graphs for this platform into our primary NOC software suite to monitor performance and alert our staff to outages.

Senior Systems Administrator

Deployment and maintenance of UNIX and Linux servers providing public and private internet services. Configuration and modifications of standard unix applications including Sendmail, Apache, BIND, RADIUS, and MySQL. Performance monitoring and tuning of servers, databases, and network reliability. Auditing and upgrades of servers and infrastructure.

Maintained custom spam filtering software and administered commercial spam solutions for our corporate network and customer domains.

Server and network monitoring and security. I was a first responder to DOS attacks and system intrusion. I was also responsible for applying updates and patches to packages and source. Maintained backups and preparedness for disaster recovery of UNIX servers as well as routing and switching equipment. Wrote policies and procedures to facilitate emergency data recovery.

Network Engineer

Installation and maintenance of IP routers and switches to Monmouth Telecom's core IP network, providing public and private internet access. On site (customer premise) installation of dedicated internet services including DSL, ISDN, T1, frame-relay, and ATM transports. Provided customer support and coordinated repairs.

Scripting and programming; I wrote a variety of applications including an IP management suite, software to manage E911 records, automation, and alarm monitoring and reporting.

Deployment of class4/5 voice switching equipment, providing local telephone access and E911 services. As the first engineer to work on the company's telephony project, I was responsible for all things technical related to switched voice services, including transport, signaling, trunking, call routing, and interconnection to the PSTN and E911 PSAPs. I placed the very first phone call into the Monmouth Telecom voice network, a prestigious event in the company's history.

Bcd Clock Arduino

Converter Tech Prep Senior

Repair, testing, and quality assurance of cable television receivers and related customer premise equipment. Repairs included but not limited to:

Binary Clock

  • Power supplies
  • Infrared remote control
  • Keypads
  • RF output
  • Cosmetic / Aesthetics
Electronics Technician
Bcd counter digital clock

Daily duties focused on testing, upgrading, and small repair of the following:

Binary Wall Clock

  • Route and destination signs
  • Two way radio and public address equipment
  • Fare registers
  • Bill collection and coin hoppers
  • Ticket vending machines