The Auto-Transcribe Transcription Assistant is used to edit, verify the content of an auto-transcript, and download the transcript.Transcription Assistant was specifically designed to help you edit auto-transcripts as fast as possible, whether you're a full-time transcriber or only transcribing occasionally. Information: The AutoTranscribe Folder Agent can be used to automatically transcribe recordings that are copied to a specified directory through a selected Dragon User Profile. The AutoTranscribe Folder Agent monitors the specified directory and uses the selected User Profile to transcribe the recording into text.

Time is precious and the information is valuable. There is always not enough time to concentrate and think over some information, which slips away, leaving no traces in your mind.

We forget things easily unless we practice some mnemonic techniques. And here’s a puzzle of the day for everyone how not to lose any of your personal thoughts or important facts of the meetings, save more time, and not be compelled to your laptop or smartphone?

The key to the puzzle is to record audio. We have already experienced the convenience of voice search in the browser or voice notes in messengers. But how to apply this life-hack, for example, to work or studies, when there is a big need then to transcribe audio to text. It requires separating the amount of time from your stacked schedule to listen and type it down.

Doesn’t it look like a double-trouble?


Nobody likes unfinished puzzles or lost parts of it.

So there is something you may really like. With the time and development of technologies, especially AI, our info-puzzles can be collected faster, save a dozen of our time, and protect us from being overwhelmed and stuck. The technology that will help you with this at arm’s length.

You can easily transcribe audio to text for free using either your own smartphones with voice-recorder or specially designed devices with apps. Let’s consider some of them and dig deeper into the framework of how to auto-transcribe audio to text.

STEP 1. Find A Voice Recording Device Or App

Every single smartphone with any OS has a voice-recorder embedded in its operating system, so you can easily just tap on the red bottom and start speaking. As soon as you’re done it is going to be saved as audio.

Or you can use any digital specially designed device for that purpose. The last advancement is Senstone, the portable voice assistant. It looks amazing as an accessory, which you can wear on the collar of your shirt or stick to the part of your clothes. Easy and beautiful to use and be up-to-date.

STEP 2. Choose The Service To Convert Audio File To Text

Now you have a recording, but your initial request is text. It’s time to choose the service which can help you to get the words in front of your eyes.

The choice is robust with a lot of manual audio to text transcription services like GoTranscript, GMR Transcription, and a bunch of others on the market.

But you can also consider a better one. One that’s corresponding to your needs and budget – like Audext audio to text transcription software.

It’s an AI-powered service that converts audio to text in minutes. Moreover, it has free 30 minutes of trial for new users. Sounds like the perfect match for the task, isn’t it?

The only thing which could have become a milestone is the protection of your personal recordings and info recorded. But it’s easy to overcome it just by creating your personal profile and verifying the e-mail address.


STEP 3. Push The Audio To Text Transcription Process

Now it’s time to upload the file to the Audext web-platform.

Audio and video recordings in the following formats MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, and WAV are acceptable.

As the uploading process finished, you will get a confirmation note.


Sit back, grab a quick coffee, or shift your attention to other tasks and wait for the confirmation email which has a link to your audio to text transcription to be sent.

STEP 4. Work On Generated Transcript

Follow the link from the letter you received and start operating the transcription as you need.

You can either edit this text, erase irrelevantly or type some additional info in the embedded editing program in the service platform. At some point, you can listen to the recording and follow the text simultaneously to follow along and see the exact timestamps and speaker names synced with corresponding content.

Format and edit the transcript as you like with the Audext editing option. And then download it in DOC or TXT format on your computer.

The times when ideas flow the most naturally, brainstorming sessions, or just relaxing walks – are quiet moments when the words are slipping by and losing their initial value. Automated audio to text transcription eased the life and freed lots of time for productivity.

So why don’t you try and enjoy it?!

Fredericton Police Force in Canada, Rowlett Police Department and Ector County District Attorney's office in Texas are first to deploy Axon's newest advanced AI-powered tool.

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SEATTLE, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Axon (Nasdaq: AAXN), the global leader in connected public safety technologies today announced that the first two features of Axon Auto-Transcribe are now available to agencies. Fredericton Police Force in Canada, Rowlett Police Department and Ector County District Attorney's office are the first to announce their deployment of Axon Auto-Transcribe as part of Axon's customer early access program. The tools, named Review Assistant and Transcription Assistant, use artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the review and transcription of evidence, generating significant time and cost saving benefits for agencies. Instead of viewing video, audio and text as separate elements from an incident, Axon Auto-Transcribe unifies these elements into one 'hypermedia player' enabling powerful connections and efficiencies. Axon Auto-Transcribe is available now within Axon's digital evidence management solution, Axon Evidence ( To learn more visit:

With the increasing adoption of body-worn cameras, public safety agencies face two major challenges: 1) reviewing massive amounts of video evidence to find the evidence that is pertinent to the investigation; and 2) quickly and accurately transcribing video evidence so it can move through the justice system. Axon Auto-Transcribe's new tools help to solve for these issues with the following key features:

Review Assistant uses the power of AI to create a time-synced auto-transcript for users to review versus hunting through an entire video to find the important moments. Users can search for a word within the transcript as well as click on a word to jump to that portion of the video where that word is spoken.

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Transcription Assistant uses the power of AI to generate an initial transcript so the user only has to focus on making corrections versus transcribing from scratch, which can take four to ten times the length of the audio being transcribed. The integration with Axon Evidence means the transcribed evidence can be efficiently shared with attorneys and courts, eliminating the need to email Word documents.

Axon is developing future iterations of these products to provide even further time-saving tools for customers, such as automatic highlighting of significant events in the transcript. This will impact report writing such as supervisor video reviews and use-of-force reviews. The capabilities of Axon Auto-Transcribe will integrate with other services and products within Axon Evidence.

'Axon Auto-Transcribe allows agencies to get the maximum value out of their audio and video evidence,' says Axon CEO and founder, Rick Smith. 'We've heard from customers that a significant amount of their time and resources is spent reviewing hundreds of hours of video footage. By developing a 'hypermedia view' of every element of an incident, we're not only creating much needed efficiencies into the evidence review and sharing process, we are also enabling our customers to get to the truth faster and with increased accuracy.'

'Investigators would complete an interview with a victim, then spend probably three, four hours transcribing,' says Rowlett PD Lieutenant Steve Ferrie. 'Finding a solution for transcribing became a top priority — it's taking up too much time for the investigators. With Axon Auto-Transcribe, we estimate a 65-75% time savings just by being able to push a button to get a transcript. Our investigators can listen to the evidence and make changes in a fraction of the time.'

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'The Axon transcription feature was very beneficial to our [[ recent homicide ]] investigation,' says Fredericton Police Force Detective Darryl Carter. 'Most interviews were being conducted by other major crime members, and were often lengthy. Being able to read the transcript of an interview as opposed to watching hours of video proved to be vital. I saved hours of work with each interview, and was able to keep on top of information coming in quite quickly.'

Review Assistant and Transcription Assistant were unveiled at the Axon Accelerate user conference, the leading global technology conference for public safety professionals across law enforcement, federal, fire, EMS and corrections. As an introduction to Axon Auto-Transcribe, customers with Axon Pro licenses will receive 100 minutes per license and customers with Axon Records licenses will receive 200 minutes for each license. Customers on Axon's Officer Safety Plan 7+ (which encompasses both Axon Pro and Axon Records offerings) will receive a starter pack of 300 minutes per license.

About Axon

Axon is the global leader in connected public safety technologies. We are a mission-driven company whose overarching goal is to protect life. Our vision is a world where bullets are obsolete, where social conflict is dramatically reduced, where everyone has access to a fair and effective justice system and where racial equity, diversity and inclusion is centered in all of our work. Axon is also a leading provider of body cameras for US law enforcement, providing more transparency and accountability to communities than ever before.

You may learn about our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts by reading our ESG disclosure at

We work hard for those who put themselves in harm's way for all of us. More than 237,000 lives and countless dollars have been saved with the Axon network of devices, apps and people. Learn more at or by calling (800) 978-2737. Axon is a global company with headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., and a global software engineering hub in Seattle, Wash., as well as additional offices in Australia, Canada, Finland, Vietnam, the UK and the Netherlands.

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