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2: a person or company that produces something (such as cheese or wine) in limited quantities often using traditional methods —often used before another noun artisan breads Other Words from artisan Synonyms Did You Know? More Example Sentences Learn More about artisan Other Words from artisan. ARTISAN made a new common sense that gliding does not become heavy with hand sweat and humidity. Intermediate layer (sponge part) of gaming mouspad revolution High performance with a different dimension from sponge foam of other gaming mousepad. Completely excluding surface waviness and shutting out subtle disturbance of mouse movement.

(är′tĭ-zən, -sən)
Made by hand or by traditional means and using high-quality ingredients; artisanal: artisan cheeses; artisan wine.
[Probably French, from Italian artigiano, from Vulgar Latin *artitiānus, from Latin artītus, skilled in the arts, past participle of artīre, to instruct in the arts, from ars, art-, art; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Artisanˈɑːtɪˌzæn; ˌɑːtɪˈzæn) n

Artisan Bread Recipe

2. (Professions) a skilled workman; craftsman
[C16: from French, from Old Italian artigiano, from arte art1]
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(ˈɑr tə zən)
a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson.
[1530–40; < Middle French < Upper Italian form of Tuscan artigiano]
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Noun1.artisan - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
journeyman, artificer, craftsman
beautician, cosmetician - someone who works in a beauty parlor
bookbinder - a worker whose trade is binding books
bricklayer - a craftsman skilled in building with bricks
clockmaker, clocksmith - someone whose occupation is making or repairing clocks and watches
coachbuilder - a craftsman who makes the bodies of motor vehicles
construction worker, hard hat - a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc.
barrel maker, cooper - a craftsman who makes or repairs wooden barrels or tubs
coppersmith - someone who makes articles from copper
diemaker, diesinker, die-sinker - someone who makes dies
glassblower - someone skilled in blowing bottles from molten glass
glassworker, glazer, glazier, glass cutter, glass-cutter - someone who cuts flat glass to size
goldbeater, gold-beater - an artisan who beats gold into gold leaf
hairdresser, hairstylist, styler, stylist - someone who cuts or beautifies hair
luthier - a craftsman who makes stringed instruments (as lutes or guitars or violins)
machinist, mechanic, shop mechanic - a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools
stonemason, mason - a craftsman who works with stone or brick
miller - someone who works in a mill (especially a grain mill)
paperer, paperhanger - one whose occupation is decorating walls with wallpaper
pipe fitter, plumber - a craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances
ceramicist, ceramist, potter, thrower - a craftsman who shapes pottery on a potter's wheel and bakes them it a kiln
roofer - a craftsman who lays or repairs roofs
ropemaker, rope-maker, roper - a craftsman who makes ropes
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
steamfitter - a craftsman who installs and maintains equipment for ventilating or heating or refrigerating
animal stuffer, stuffer, taxidermist - a craftsman who stuffs and mounts the skins of animals for display
upholsterer - a craftsman who upholsters furniture
welder - joins pieces of metal by welding them together
window dresser, window trimmer - someone who decorates shop windows
woodworker, woodman, woodsman - makes things out of wood
wright - someone who makes or repairs something (usually used in combination)
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nouncraftsman, technician, mechanic, journeyman, artificer, handicraftsman, skilled workmanThey have been restored by a stonemason and artisan.
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el işçisizanaatkâr


[ˈɑːtɪzæn]Nartesano/a m/f
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(ˈaːtizӕn) , (

Artisan Bread

(American) -zn) noun
a skilled workman. vakman صانِع، صَنَائِعي занаятчия artesão řemeslník der/die Handwerker(in) håndværker τεχνίτηςartesano käsitööline صنعتگر artesaani artisan/-ane אומן दस्तकार zanatlija mesterember tukang yang terampil handverksmaður artigiano 職人 장인 amatininkas, meistras amatnieks pekerja pakar ambachtsmanhåndverkerrzemieślnik کسب ګر artesão arti­­­zan ремесленник remeselník obrtnik zanatlija hantverkare ช่างฝีมือ zanaatkâr, el işçisi 工匠 ремісник کاریگر ، فنکار thợ thủ công 工匠
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