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Installed ok and reg. My ip4 ios7 recognised ok. Select advanced mode direct phone recovery - it then downloads plugin for IP4 device scanning mode - it repeats this download on every attempt to use this advanced mode - why?
It requests holding power and home buttons to enter device scanning mode. This is done ok - indicates successful and starts scanning the device. In about 5 seconds it reports FAILED - due to loss of connection or time out. I have attempted this many times with the same result. Each time the phone is put in DFU mode successfully so needs to be restored to normal mode. But basically the software does not work - my experience with all similar software.


Leaf on the wind quote. Download Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery for Windows to recover deleted SMS/contacts and other data from Android phones/tablets/SD cards. Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery has had 3 updates within. Any frequently-used data type can be recovered by this data recovery software, such as pictures, songs, videos, documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, RTF, etc.), emails and other files. Compared with other data recovering tools, Apeaksoft Data Recovery has.

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ReplyComment by ray hines 8 months ago Did you find this comment useful?yesno(+2)

ray hines, Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery is used to recover lost/deleted data for normal using iOS devices without factory reset. According to your description, do you use iOS System Recovery part? If you have any questions, please send us relevant error screenshots and contact us via [email protected] We will help you check it.

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ReplyComment by Apeaksoft Studio 8 months ago Did you find this comment useful?yesno(-1)

I want to decrypt True Crypt file through recover a PASSWORD which opens the file,
I lost this password, but maybe some Expert knows how to recover it.
On the internet, are many informations that people could recover password
and open True crypt files- but not HOW?
Many thanks in advance for useble answers

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ReplyComment by Isabell 9 months ago Did you find this comment useful?yesno(-4)
Apeaksoft Data Recovery

Truecrypt was pretty bulletproof -- the only weaknesses I've ever seen published involved capturing an all ready used password from RAM. AFAIK the best, likely only way to open a Truecrypt file without the password would be using a brute force attack -- Google 'brute force password attack' [w/out quotes]. If you're lucky, a weak password was used, and whatever app you use to perform the brute force attack will work -- if you're not lucky, the Truecrypt file used a very strong or strong password, and it would take so long to try every combination of characters for every possible length of password that you'll give up.

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ReplyComment by mike 9 months ago Did you find this comment useful?yesno(+3)

Isabell, it's not possible with most if not all the encryption options offered in TrueCrypt and its descendants. A side not to make it on topic for this giveaway you cannot use data recovery tools on TrueCrypt volumes or encrypted drives either with the password entered or not as this software bypasses the TrueCrypt subsystem and can make no sense of encrypted volume.
Key recovery was only possible if it was already entered during a session, then it was possible to extract it directly from SDRAM chips either by sidechannel hacks or by cryo-treating the SDRAM chips and removing them from the motherboard and inserting them into diagnostic test jig and have the memory read out without windows protection in place. There is no known way to derive a password from an encrypted volume on it's own. It might have been possible since TrueCrypt was open source for state actors to re-write TrueCrypt to attempt to brute-force the key for a volume within the remaining lifetime of the universe.. but to my knowledge it has not been done. If it had been done it would have been a highly classified project and unlikely to have been leaked if it worked.

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ReplyComment by TK 9 months ago Did you find this comment useful?yesno(0)

Is the password hidden behind bullets? These are unicode formats, for example, • • • • • which might be revealed or unmasked. There're a few programs out there that can do it. I have one but it doesn't like Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 computers. Good luck in your search.

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