AndY Android Emulator is a free way to run the Android operating systems on a Windows PC.

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With this emulator, you can run all types of Android applications without having to have the handset or tablet PC yourself. That essentially gives you access to all sorts of Android games and apps, including the homescreen you can usually only run on phones.

AndY Android Emulator works with the Oracle virtual machine and it comes with the installation package. This provides for a stable experience without having to worry about crashing or incompatibilities.

Virtually all of the main Android features are available with AndY Android Emulator including support for WhatsApp, push notifications, gaming, modern versions of Android and synchronization with your main Windows PC and the virtual OS that AndY emulates.

All in all, AndY Android Emulator is a competent and free Android emulator and virtual machine with gives access to all of the features of Android on your desktop.

AndY Android Emulator can play APK apps and emulate Android.

Features and highlights

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  • Provides seamless sync between desktop and mobile devices
  • Connects Win/Mac with Android apps for launching, push notifications and storage
  • Enables app download from any desktop browser direct to Andy OS
  • Ensures most up to date Android OS at all times
  • Brings your favorite communication and entertainment mobile apps to the desktop

AndY Android Emulator 47.260 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from console emulators without restrictions. AndY Android Emulator 47.260 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

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Android Auto

Android 12 Developer Preview is here! Try it out, and give us your feedback!

Privacy in Android 11

Android Phones

Android 11 builds upon earlier versions of Android, adding features and updates to keep users secure and increase transparency and control. All developers should review the privacy features and test their apps. Impacts can vary based on each app's core functionality, targeting, and other factors.

To learn more about the key changes that take effect in Android 11, look through the following sections.

Top privacy changes

Virtual city playground cheats mac. This table summarizes the key changes related to privacy that are taking effect in Android 11.

Android 11


Android 18

Privacy changeApps affectedMitigation strategy
Scoped storage enforcement
Apps that target Android 11 or higher are always subject to scoped storage behaviors
Apps that target Android 11 or higher, as well as apps that target Android 10 and haven't set requestLegacyExternalStorage to true to opt out of scoped storageUpdate your app to work with scoped storage
Learn more about the scoped storage changes
One-time permissions
Users can grant temporary access to location, microphone, and camera using one-time permissions
Apps that run on Android 11 or higher and request location, microphone, or camera permissionsCheck that your app has a permission before attempting to access data that's guarded by that permission
Follow best practices for requesting permissions
Permissions auto-reset
If users haven't interacted with an app for a few months on Android 11 or higher, the system auto-resets the app's sensitive permissions
Apps that target Android 11 or higher and perform most of their work in the backgroundAsk the user to prevent the system from resetting your app's permissions
Learn more about permissions auto-reset
Background location access
Android 11 changes how users can grant the background location permission to apps
Apps that target Android 11 or higher and need access to background locationRequest foreground (coarse or fine) and background location permissions incrementally in separate calls to the permission request method. When necessary, explain the benefits that users receive for granting that permission
Learn more about background location access in Android 11
Package visibility
Android 11 changes how apps query and interact with other installed apps on the same device
Apps that target Android 11 or higher and interact with other installed apps on a deviceAdd the <queries> element to your app's manifest
Learn more about package visibility
Foreground services
Android 11 changes how foreground services can access location, camera, and microphone data
Apps that run on Android 11 or higher and access location, the camera, or the microphone in a foreground serviceDeclare the camera and microphone foreground service types for the foreground services that require access to the camera and microphone, respectively. Be aware, however, that foreground services that start while the app is in the background usually cannot access location, camera, or microphone.
Learn more about the changes to foreground services

Get started with privacy updates

Android 10 Os Download

  1. Review the privacy features: Assess your app. Look for how your app stores files and user data, requests permissions, requests location. In addition, look for ways that your app interacts with other apps, consider performing an audit of the data that your app accesses, and determine whether your app needs to update how it uses foreground services.
  2. Test your app on Android 11: Run your app on Android 11. Use app compatibility tools to evaluate how individual system changes affect your app.
  3. Update your app: Targeting Android 11 if possible, test with users and publish an update.