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The annotation editor is a great way to allow students the ability to organized their reading materials. For those who like to get creative they can edit the text, color and font that is inside of the highlighted box, placing more emphasis on certain chapters if they wish, etc.

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You and other individuals can insert comments and notes next to content in a topic. Annotations do not become part of the actual content; they are simply comments for your internal use. See Inserting Annotations.

You can easily make changes to an annotation. The following steps show how to edit an annotation in Flare. If you have sent a file for review on MadCap Central, annotations can also be edited in the Central interface. For more, seeCentral Review Process and the Central online Help.

Annotation Edit For Windows

ITOL annotation editor. ITOL annotation editor is tool providing direct link from your favourite spreasheet software to your iTOL account. Simply access your trees directly from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, create new datasets, edit existing ones, define color ranges or update tree labels. On the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Modify. Expand Alignment and click Annotation. In the tool pane, click Select Annotation and select the annotation feature. The selected feature appears in a list, and a selection boundary appears around the feature. The Edit Annotation tool is the best tool to access the shortcut menu containing the annotation editing options. Selecting annotation with the tool and right-clicking shows the shortcut menu. The Abbreviate and Anno Resize options have additional options available. After you have finished editing a specific annotation, you can: Click/tap the text marker to open the annotation. Once open you can view the full text, make changes or delete the annotation. Sketches cannot be deleted independently of the annotation.

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How to Edit Annotations

  1. Select Review > Show Changes.
  2. Click in the rectangle containing the annotation text and make your changes.

  3. Click to save your work.
EditorAnnotation edit distance

Note When you insert an annotation, your initials are displayed next to it. The initials are the first two letters of your login user name. However, you can change the user name and initials (for use in Flare) to something else. See Changing Your User Name and Initials.

Note If you want to delete an annotation, simply right-click on the rectangle showing the annotation text, and from the context menu select Delete Annotation.

Annotation Edit Distance

Note You can modify the look of content in a topic to which an annotation points. For example, you might want annotated text to be displayed in the XML Editor with red font and a yellow background. This does not change the text as it will be shown in the output, but rather only as it is displayed in the XML Editor. To do this, you can modify the MadCap annotation style in the Stylesheet Editor. See Styles and Stylesheets and Editing Styles in a Regular Stylesheet.