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Training/Educational Requirements: Knowledge of animals preferred
Median Salary: $27,100 per year
Job Prospects: Fair

Job Description

And breed to customise it to any animal of your choice. Use a variety of storage options and functions to enhance and simplify your animal breeding and record keeping. Got an older computer? Kintraks Animal Breeder runs FREE AND UNRESTRICTED on Windows 7. Maintain animal production by culling and setting up new pairs of breeders, requiring the ability to visually observe animals daily to determine their conditionThe primary purpose of the Animal Resources Team Leader is to maintain the overall operation of the main breeding room and to provide for the supervision and training of animal colony and research personnel.

Animal breeders work to mate and breed various types of animals. They may work for an employer where this is part of or the sole purpose of their job, or animal breeders may work on their own. They need to have an understanding of animals in general, as this is necessary for responsible and proper breeding.
Depending on the nature of the breeder’s role and level of involvement, the breeder may work with artificial insemination techniques. This usually happens on a farm or in a laboratory because this requires a more thorough understanding of animals and the breeding process. Generally, animal breeders work to care for the animals under their watch both to ensure that the animals stay healthy before breeding and once they become pregnant. Animal breeders also care for the new animal parents and their offspring in whatever manner is required.
Animal breeders may breed anything from dogs to cats to cattle to mice; it all depends on their specific position and who they work for. In whatever capacity they work within and whatever type of animal they breed specifically, they must work to understand how the animals function and mate, and what they require for their care. If an animal breeder works to sell the animals they breed, then they must be able to effectively market and sell their services as well.
Because it’s important to understand the mating styles of, care for, and buying requirements for the animals that the breeder is working with, animal breeders may do a great deal of research. Even if animal breeders are working to provide animals that they will turn around and sell, research can play an important role in getting the animals sold quickly.

Training/Educational Requirements

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Though it can be quite helpful to have a thorough understanding of animals obtained through an educational background in a related field, this is not a requirement. For animal breeders who work in a laboratory or as part of a scientific team, a college degree may be required. However, for those animal breeders working independently or in a role outside of a lab or corporate environment, there isn’t usually a set training or educational requirement.
It can be quite helpful for an animal breeder to be trained in proper animal care and the breeding process. On-the-job training may be the most effective way for animal breeders to gain the necessary knowledge, and animal breeding is usually a constant learning process. It’s important that animal breeders know of any potential risks to themselves or to the animals as they work within this role.

How to Get Hired

If working in a lab or for a farm or a company, job applicants should have prior experience as an animal breeder. If working independently, animal breeders should be able to properly market and sell their services. Additionally, being able to demonstrate knowledge of the animals being bred can be an excellent way to get hired. Particularly when working as a private or independent animal breeder, expertise, experience, and knowledge of the animals is always expected.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook, and Career Development

There aren’t that many new jobs for animal breeders wishing to work within their field. There are some jobs that open at labs, farms, or companies, but this usually comes about not because the position was newly created but because an animal breeder vacated the position. Working independently can be hard sometimes because the demand is greatly dependent on the economy. People don’t turn to animal breeders for their pets if the economy is unstable.

Working Environment

The working environment for animal breeders is dependent on the type of employer they work for. They may work for a farm, laboratory, company, or for themselves, independently. Each of these employers dictates very different environments, but the one constant is that animal breeders must work as many hours as necessary to manage the breeding process and the necessary animal care. Animal breeders usually work directly with the animals from the beginning of the breeding process until the end, and the animals are usually their first priority. The hours may be long when it’s time for the breeding to take place or when the babies are being born.
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Salary and Benefits

As there are a variety of different types of environments and employers that animal breeders may work for, their salary range may be hard to predict. As an average, animal breeders may earn somewhere around $27,100, but it can be as low as $16,400 or as high as $54,600 or more. They may also earn on an hourly basis, or if they work for themselves, they may earn on a different scale altogether. Some independent animal breeders, who may not have as much experience or training as other breeders, may just earn whatever they charge for the animals that they breed and sell. The salary and benefits are all dependent on the job capacity and the type of employer that the animal breeder works for. If they work for themselves, as many animal breeders do, they are often responsible for their own benefits.

About Kintraks
Kintraks is an animal record system which is useful for any breeder or animal enthusiast. Simply enter the species
and breed to customise it to any animal of your choice.
Use a variety of storage options and functions to enhance
and simplify your animal breeding and record keeping.

Got an older computer?
Kintraks Animal Breeder runs FREE AND UNRESTRICTEDon Windows 7 and earlier, Mac Sierra and earlier, and all Linux distributions.

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Includes personal cloud storage of your databases for backup and access on multiple devices.

FeatureFree versionPurchased
Create unlimited databases
Works for any animal (mammals, birds, insects etc.)
Unlimited animal records per database Limit of 200
Cloud storage for backup and access on any system Not available
Full user support via email Not available
Access the same data on Windows, Mac and Linux systems
Free updates to the latest version
Print Pedigrees using your own personal templates
Add up to 15 custom fields to perfectly suit your species
Calculate Inbreeding Coefficient
Import CSV records from other programs
Create HTML and pdf pedigrees for your website
Photo storage - 18 pictures per animal
Health Records (Treatments, Weight, Diet, Notes, Daily Journal)
Graph weights to compare growth with other animals
7 generation HTML pedigree or 5 generation pdf pedigree
Browse family trees and descendant tables
Access to more than 100 online backgrounds
Breeding Records (Heat cycle, Matings, Pairs)
Finance Records (Purchases, Sales, Produce graph, Expenditure)
Store Show details and results
Keep related Documents with your animal records
Export your data to Excel or text format
Comprehensive Help file and video tutorials

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