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by Ron Kurtus (revised 13 September 2011)

Easy online age conversion tool that converts human age to the age of different species. Make use of this fun calculator to calculate the age in animal / human years.

Animals, both real and fantastic, occupied an important place in medieval art and thought. Artists readily employed animal motifs, along with foliate designs, as part of their decorative vocabulary. Early medieval jewelry, for instance, abounds with animal forms elongated and twisted into intricate patterns. Why we age is a tricky evolutionary question. A full set of DNA resides in each of our cells, after all, allowing most of them to replicate again and again and again. The Pleistocene Era began 1.8 million years ago and ended roughly 10,000 years ago. During that period were several Ice Ages. Many giant sized animals and birds that seem familiar to us (because.

Most animals age more rapidly than humans. Just as humans need different nutrition, exercise and health care at the various phases in their lives, so too do your pets need different care as they age. Older animals suffer from the same ailments as elderly people, such as arthritis and loss of hearing and vision.

A comparison of the actual age of the pet and the corresponding of a human can give you a good idea of how to take care of your pet and also to understand its behavior.

Questions you may have include:

  • What is the life span of various animals?
  • What are the age phases in a cat?
  • What are the age phases in a dog?

This lesson will answer those questions. Animal Health Disclaimer

Longevity of various animals

The longevity of various animals ranges from about 193 years to 6 months. Usually, the larger animals live longer than the smaller ones.

AnimalTypical Maximum Life span
Elephant70 years
Camel50 years
Donkey45 years
Horse40 years
Lion35 years
Deer35 years
Bull28 years
Pig, wild25 years
Cat23 years
Tiger22 years
Cow22 years
Ox20 years
Wolf18 years
Dog, small17 years
Sheep15 years
Goat15 years
Fox14 years
Dog, large12 years
Rabbit9 years
Mouse4 years
Amazon Parrot80 years
Macaw50 years
Pigeon26 years
Blackbird18 years
Chicken15 years
Galapagos Land Tortoise193 years
American Box Turtle123 years
Crocodile45 years
Rattlesnake22 years
Ant, queen3 years
Ant, worker0.5 year
Bee, queen5 years
Bee, worker1 year

Ages of cats

See: Comparison of Cat Ages.

Ages of Dogs

See: Comparison of Dog Ages. Township download.



Most pets and other animals have a shorter life span that humans. With dogs and cats, a relationship between their age and the equivalent human age has been estimated. As they age, they require different care, as do humans when they age.

Live a long and fruitful life

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Animal Age

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Comparison of Animal Ages

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