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Our Values

10 Apr 2021: Virtual Salute a Solider: 20 Mar 2021: Virtual Nun Run: 14 Mar 2021: Tri 4 the Cure: 27 Feb 2021: March on Yuma City Finals: 27 Feb 2021: Iceman: 6 Feb 2021. Dangerously smooth and drinkable, Double Knot is the bigger brother of our IPA, Hop Knot. We actually used more than double the amount of hops that went into Hop Knot, but “Double-and-a-Third Knot” sounded weird, so we rounded down. Four Peaks (Yavapai: Wi:khoba) is a prominent landmark on the eastern skyline of Phoenix.Part of the Mazatzal Mountains, it is located in the Four Peaks Wilderness in the Tonto National Forest, 40 miles (64 km) east-northeast of Phoenix. 4Peaks boasts that it is able to “render peaks better than anyone else”. Traces appear sharper when viewed through 4Peaks compared to other chromatogram viewing programs, which allows for a easy viewing.

1) Integrity First: Dr. Martin Luther King once said this, “On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And then expedience comes along and asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? Conscience asks the question, is it right?

4 Peaks Racing Results

There comes a time when one must take the position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must do it because conscience tells him it is right.”

2) Live the Golden Rule: This is nothing more and nothing less, than treating others the way we would want to be treated in any given situation. We all get busy but we must always take the time to be kind to people. People usually want to do well and we strive to remember that.

3)Focused Customer Service: This is a part of Truthfulness. If we say we are going to deliver a service, then we must do so. Towards that end we strive to inculcate into our culture a “High Touch” relationship and responsiveness towards our clients.

4) People Always: We strive to surround ourselves with positive and dynamic people. We seek to encourage them to develop their full potential. We do this by creating conditions that will leverage their talents and passions to be a positive force in our company.

Thank you for always giving our community and residents such great customer service!

Big shoutout to John, one of our security officers. John is great and genuinely cares about the community and its residents. Twice he has gone above and beyond for me.


Most athletes make use of the camping facilities at the Langesnek Leadership Centre that is part of Moolmanshoek Private game reserve. The Lodge has 12 rooms that are superbly fitted out and ideal for those who are not into camping but still want to be part of the event.



Elevation Gain

Highest Point


The 4 Peaks is arguably the toughest 24km in South Africa with a vertical accent of over 1800m. The route is unique as it takes you in a circle around the Main Lodge, which is the hub of activities during the weekend. This event is a Family affair and the location allows us to cater for all, with a kiddie’s treasure hunt to game drives and Horseback riding for those that are not participating in the race. This is a self-supported and self-navigational race and as the route is circular it makes it a good entry level event for those that are looking for something more challenging than running on the trail. The 24 Km should not fool you into a false sense of security as this is Extreme Mountain running and is the equivalent to an ultra-marathon.

This is a great weekend for the entire family and the event is always evolving to create more fun and entertainment for the entire family and is a must for your race calendar.

The Destination

This race exists to enlighten all those who think the Free State is that flat part on the N1 on your way to Cape Town. Come and challenge yourself with the unique and extreme 4Peaks mountain race. The race’s home is in the picturesque Moolmanshoek Private Game Reserve. This unique circular race runs along the tops of the Witteberg Mountain range forming an unforgettable horse shoe which encloses the Moolmanshoek valley.

The race is hosted by the Nel family at Moolmanshoek. Most athletes make a weekend out of this event with friends & family adding their own value with activities like the 10KM Panoramic Run, a kiddies dash, kiddies fun zone & a breathtakingly beautiful mountain bike ride the day after the event.

Apart from our main event & the 10km there are several activities the Reserve offer such as: hikes, bird watching & game viewing from horseback; a horse cart or a 4×4 game viewing vehicle.

The Terrain

The terrain is definitely not for the faint of heart and good preparation is a definite. Four very distinctive peaks, makes up the race as you circle the Moolmanshoek valley. The route is not marked but very easy to navigate with marshals and very clear signage at key places. There are some very steep places that need to be navigated with the two toughest places being behind Jakobsberg and Visierskerf. Another thing that makes the challenge of the 4 Peaks so unique is that it is an unsupported race with every athlete required to carry a list with some safety items and a provision of water. The race is a combination of steep ascents and steep descents with some parts that are just amazing to run. The easiest and probably most enjoyable part, is the section between the second pyramid up to the descent behind Jakobsberg. After that comes the tricky section behind Visierskerf and the climb up to the highest point of the race at Sikonyela’s hat. After this it’s either a slow or rather quick descent (depending on the conditions of your legs) straight to the dongas. Coming out of the dongas leaves you with a short, relatively flat portion to the start/finish line. The total distance is only 24km, but you will never think of 24km in the same way.


It is very easy to get there from Johannesburg, which is about 320km by road or Durban, which is 450km by road and Bloemfontein, which is 250km by road. Very clear directions from all major centers can be got on the Moolmanshoek website.

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4peaks Brewery

Moolmanshoek 4 Peaks Venue

Race Info

4peaks Llc 4peaks Llc

  • EVENT NAME: 4 Peaks Mountain Challenge
  • VENUE: Moolmanshoek Private Nature Reserve
  • TIME OF YEAR: Mid-September
  • ENTRIES LIMITED : 300 Athlete’s on a first come first serve basis
  • ENTER AS: Individuals
  • CUT-OFFS: Will be enforced
  • DISTANCES: 24km
  • AVERAGE DURATION : 3hrs / 9hrs