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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a call using Freekall

To make a call using Freekall, you can follow below steps:

  • Open the app and tap on the contact name you wish to call from the contacts screen. You will receive a callback from server ,answer that call and you will be instantly connected to your contact like any regular call.
  • To call contacts that are not saved in your phonebook, you may use the dialpad in the app to manually dial the number you wish to call.

Do i need to add contacts to Freekall

No,Freekall displays all your saved contacts from your default phonebook in the app with their country and destination charges per minute.  To add a contact to Freekall, simply save that contact in your phonebook and then open your Freekall app. Your contact will automatically be synced in the app.

You can also use the dialpad to contact numbers which may currently not be present in your address book.

Do I require internet to make a call using Freekall

Freekall calls are just like your regular phone call and it doesn’t require internet But you would require negligible amount of packet data for the app to send the phone number you are calling to our server to initiate the call. If your phone is not connected to internet, in such case you will be prompted to connect to the internet before the call.

You would require internet connectivity to earn free minutes by completing offers, to buy call credits, checking your balance and making payments etc.

How can I earn Freekall credits to make Freekall

To earn free credits you have to complete the offers which are displayed on offer wall. For Each offer that you complete, you will earn respective amount of Freekall credits.
There are many other ways to earn rewards on Freekall. Make sure to keep an eye out for emails from Freekall about offers you can unlock.

How can I pay for freekall credits?

We accept credit card , debit cards & netbanking . You can also pay using PayTM wallet.


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